Communication is vital during your recruitment process so it’s important your infrastructure is strong and versatile, allowing you to stay in touch with all your stakeholders at the same time.

What is Communications in recruitment?

Communications in recruitment cover three main stakeholders in the recruitment process:

  • Candidates
  • Hiring Manager
  • Recruiter

How is it used in practice?

All three of these stakeholders need to be communicated with throughout the recruitment process:

• Candidates need to know what is happening with their application – Candidate Experience is key!

• Hiring Manager needs to be kept informed throughout the recruitment process. Is their role advertised? Is there a shortlist? When are my interviews?

• Recruiters need to communicate with both the Hiring Managers and Candidates: Your application is being reviewed, here is your shortlist.

Communication between all three of these parties needs to be two way, efficient and auditable. Multiple communication methods can be used such as, Email, SMS, Events, and the Candidate Portal.

What are the benefits?

Candidate: It is imperative you keep your candidate informed throughout the process. Lack of communication could easily result in your applicant being hired by someone else because they haven’t heard from you.

Hiring Manager: It is key that the hiring manager is kept informed of what is happening with the recruitment of their role and when. This will ensure they are fully involved in the recruitment process resulting in a quicker hire and minimal impact on the hiring manager.

Recruiter: The recruiter is at the centre of the recruitment process. They need to keep other stakeholders informed and be kept informed themselves.

What are the extras?

Using the solutions standard features to communicate with all three stakeholders will significantly improve the efficiency of the recruitment process. Additional elements can include:

• Automatic communication

• Design of overall communication strategy

• Design and implementation of templates for communications

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