Improve the candidate journey with efficient engagement and management tools throughout the application process.


Candidate Screening and Auto Reject

Design your own application forms questions and allocate scores to politely reject those candidates that do not meet the requirements.

Automated Shortlists

Generate shortlists based on candidate suitability with ease. Drag and drop candidates into folders or allocate to other vacancies that they are more suited to.

Rapid CV Parsing

CV’s and documents are automatically read, with data extracted and added to the candidates record in seconds. This removes the need for manual input.

Hiring Manager Portals

Ability to restrict Hiring Managers to set process flows. Our market leading Portals enable control of just the process aspects you wish to allocate.

Candidate Portal

Enhance the candidate journey by letting candidates register with you, keep track of their application progress, return to unfinished applications, search and select Jobs by email.

Branch/Department Database

Manage and keep track of the recruitment activities for each department or branch within your business as required. Assign jobs and candidates with one click.

Communication Centre

Communicate with candidates by setting up branded email and SMS templates to be automatically sent at relevant stages throughout the process or bespoke as required.

No Duplicate Data

Automatic recognition of data will flag candidates that have applied multiple times for the current job or previous vacancies . No duplication. Full historic snap shot.

Outlook Plug-in

Quickly and easily transfer CV’s sent direct to your email inbox and letting the technology create candidate records. You won’t know how you lived without it!

Interview Scheduling

Invite candidates for interviews offering multiple time slots. Automatic confirmation and reminder emails are sent to both the candidate and Hiring Manager.

Task Manager

Help manage daily activities by creating tasks against a job or candidate record, for yourself or for your colleagues.

Psychometric Tests

Option to include unlimited Psychometric tests, behavioural and resilience tests as part of the process for all candidate applications within the solution.

Sharing Data

Easily share data with colleagues by setting up shared folders and choosing which user levels have access to it.

Outlook Calendar Sync

Ensure you don’t double book by synchronising your Task Manager with your Outlook Calendar.

Video Interviewing

Add the option to record video interviews and store against candidate records.


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