Interview Management

The Interview Scheduling system can be used by central HR/recruitment teams or the hiring managers to effectively manage all job interviews.

What is the Interview Management Tool?

This solution provides the ability to forward a choice of interview dates and times to candidates, along with location details and documentation to enable candidates to book themselves in for an interview, through interactive pre-built email templates.

How is it used?

The Interview Scheduling system can be used by central HR/recruitment teams or the hiring managers. On acceptance of an interview slot, the system will generate email confirmation to both parties, and the appointment will be scheduled within the hiring manager’s Task Management and Outlook Calendar.

Notification emails, and/or SMS text messages can be sent out a day before the interview date, as a reminder to the attendees.

Interview Management

What are the benefits?

Integrating Interview Scheduling into your recruitment process has multiple benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Reduces the overall time in setting up interviews by preventing the need to go back & forth in communication with candidates to arrange a suitable date & time.
  • Fully interactive & user-friendly Interview Scheduling platform for candidates. Improves your time & cost to hire.
  • Flexibility with setting up as many Interview Scheduling templates, all branded to your company, & personable to candidates.
  • Improves interview uptake as candidates are more likely to remember to turn up

What are the extras?

Arrange more than just your traditional face-to-face or telephone interviews:
– Set up as many different varieties of Interview Scheduling email templates i.e. face-to-face interviews, Open Days, Assessments Days, Workshops, etc.
– Compatible with Microsoft Outlook; scheduled interview slots will automatically sync to Outlook Calendars.
– Set email & SMS text reminders to keep all interview participants informed & up to date. – Access anywhere at any time on a smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac, the Interview Scheduling System is fully mobile compatible.
– Realtime connection & access.
– Arrange interviews on behalf of multiple hiring managers.

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