Recruitment Software

Recruitment solutions for hiring professionals.

How Can Recruitment Software Aid Your Recruitment?

Our recruitment software can  support your recruitment at every stage of the cycle and has continuously been enhanced to meet the needs of today’s hiring professionals.

The purpose? To save hiring professionals time and money on their recruitment by making it more efficient. Our technology helps to automate daily administrative tasks which are essential in the recruitment process but can dampen candidate experience if not done so pro-actively. 

What tasks can we assist with?

Our recruitment software can help with a multitude of tasks including but not limited to:

Applicant Tracking

An applicant tracking system allows you to track all correspondence  from jobs boards and your  careers website, assisting in your response, filling vacancies quickly and efficiently.  The software supports you from the early stages of requisition through to onboarding , creating a seamless recruitment journey for all  stakeholders.

Interviewing Scheduling

Interview scheduling enable you to  schedule, communicate track and  plan all of your interviews, second interviews  and final meetings that can be integrated with your online calendar.

Communicating with Stakeholders

The system is a one-stop place to communicate with all of your stakeholders  including both  hiring managers and candidates.  

You can communicate with candidates through the software via email and SMS , with the option to create a bespoke  automated response, whether you’re confirming their application, welcoming them for an interview, or sending a rejection. If tasks should need to be completed, you can  assign these directly to the hiring professional for them to view and complete within their own portal.

Video Interviewing

Our video interviewing tool is integrated into our software to further save time and money, not only for the recruiter but for candidates also, creating a  greater candidate experience from the very start of the process. This tool creates a personalised experience as if face to face to provide enough  confidence to proceed to the next stage.

Shortlisting Candidates

Our recruitment software has the capability to automatically shortlist the most suitable candidates  who meet the requirements that you’ve set. Before making a final decision, candidates who have been deemed unsuitable are available in an accessible pool  to be utilised when needed.

Talent Pool

The software allows you to build up your very own secure, GDPR compliant pool of talent. A database which is accessible in one place to be utilised when you need it. This tool aids  pro-active recruitment and reduces the cost and time to hire nurturing relationships with candidates, should you need to contact them in the future.


Users can post to multiple job boards and social media sites including their own  careers site instantly through our Job Mate multi-posting tool  which is fully integrated within our recruitment software.

You can add any job boards,  including registrations with free to post job boards or through  credits purchased for a reduced rate on your behalf. All in one place with the rest of your recruitment with no need to trail multiple third-party websites.


Our on-boarding software provides a positive experience  when on-boarding new recruits for a  smooth transition from candidate to employee. Your own on-boarding  documents can be used or bespoke ones created with management control for how and when they need to be sent, completed, managed  and tracked through a checklist approach.

We also offer a range of additional aftercare services  with the launch of all our products. Find out more here .