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Recruiter By The Hour

Here at Recruitive, we have an expert team with a combined 100+ years’ experience in the recruitment industry.  As well as providing award winning Applicant Tracking Systems, Media Buying, Multi-posting Technology, we are also in a position to provide expert recruitment consultant services on a short- and longer-term basis.


What Do You Get?

An expert Recruitive Recruiter dedicated to your business for the time you need.  You may have a short-term hiring project or longer-term requirement.  Without the commitment of hiring someone Full Time you can utilise our recruiters as and when you need them.


What Can They Do?

Our Recruitment Experts have a minimum of ten years 360 recruitment experience and can help with all your recruitment requirements including:

Role Requirements Gathering
Job Ad Writing & Optimisation
Job Posting
Candidate Review
Candidate Communication
Interview Logistics
Offer Extension
Document & Data Collation


Why Is It Different?

Options for recruitment tend to either be, an in-house team or utilising an agency.  Using our Recruiter by the hour service means you get the benefit of having an expert inhouse recruiter on hand without committing to hiring them long term or paying large agency fees.


What Does It Cost?

Each client’s solution is unique based upon their requirements.  We will have an initial consultation with you to understand your requirements and identify the best package to suit. 

Recruitment Services

Recruiter By The Hour

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Designed for HR, Recruitment Teams and Hiring Managers whilst significantly enhancing the candidate journey.

A white labelled solution in your own branding, tailored to your exact requirements, and designed to…


  • Reduce time to hire
  • Reduce cost per hire
  • Enhance the candidate journey

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