The UK gender pay gap is currently at its lowest level ever, the Government reports it is committed to ensuring the gap is eliminated within a generation.

December last year marked the average pay gap at 19.2%, highlighting how slowly the gap is being closed. Last year’s Equal Pay Day was on 9 November, signifying the glacial pace of difference from 19.3% in 2015 to 18.1% in 2016.

Whilst this is encouraging, Recruitive Software still believe that a lot more can be done. The software house is already helping many UK businesses with advance recruitment reporting within their recruitment software solutions so that clients become better informed and benchmark their own progress in this direction as required.

New gender pay gap reporting requirements, due to start in 2018, will require large employers to report on their gender pay gaps. For companies with over 250 staff members, the need to report their gender pay gap means that more than 8,000 businesses across the UK might currently be unprepared to meet their legal duties. They will be required to report the overall gender pay gap between all men and women from this April. This will need to be reported annually, not just on the organisations website, but also a dedicated Government website, making the information is accessible to everyone. Recruitive’s Software can meet the reporting requirements with one click.

Carla Fern, Operations Director of Recruitive comments: “Aside from the much-needed transparency, the new legislation will encourage businesses to discuss their approach to pay with conviction – helping to change perceptions in traditionally male-orientated industries (such as engineering, finance, and politics).Encouraging new talent to join your business; a win for gender equality and business growth.”

Carla Continues: “If you wait until the last moment and you find unexplainable gaps in your results, or you fail to report gender pay you are in danger of exposing your business to negative publicity and opening up discord between your employees which could ultimately posing the risk of a tribunal claim. However the comprehensive nature of our Diversity Reporting Software and Gender Neutraliser feature has the ability to alleviate this problem, on a real time reportable basis.”

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