Website Integration

Website Integration is the connection of job data in your ATS to your existing website & the associated candidate application forms.

What is Website Integration?

Website Integration, in this case, refers to the connection of the jobs data of your ATS to your existing website and the associated candidate application forms. A Website Integration allows you to post jobs via your ATS system and the jobs will then be posted and displayed on your own Careers Website.

All applications to these jobs will be via online application forms within your Careers website or via your ATS system.

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How is it used?

There are three main methods of connecting your ATS to your Careers website, via HTTP Post, XML Parsing or via a Jobs Widget.

HTTP Post is a secure method of transferring jobs data from your AST system. You can post a job to your ATS system, and we will then send the data securely to your website server, which will accept the jobs data and display it on the website. With XML Parsing, we create a formatted XML file, listing all active jobs from your ATS, depending on the skills of your website developer, they can then parse and import the jobs data from the XML feed.

A Jobs Widget is where we create a stand-alone job search page, branded to your company styling and embed it within your website via a separate domain name or sub-domain name.

Both options allow you to post jobs quickly via your ATS on to your website and enable you to manage all applications quickly and effectively via the ATS system.

What are the benefits?

Website Integration has several benefits, including but not limited to:

• Receive applications directly from your website into your ATS from third party websites, to save time filtering CVs

• Post jobs direct from your ATS to your website quickly and securely, which saves time and money

• Track all applications from your Careers website and other connected websites effectively

• Post jobs to multiple different websites, again saving time and money

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What are the extras?

In addition, you can have:

• Automatic Meta Tag creation on all jobs

• Enhance your jobs page with additional content

• Custom-built XML feeds and website integrations

• Custom candidate registration and application forms

Discover more with our Website Integration resources!

Download our Website Integrations factsheet for a shareable resource, or watch our short video for a quick overview. Arrange a call with us to learn more about our Website Integrations module and ask for a FREE demo.