Candidate Engagement

How to Hire the Right Talent?

There are three stakeholders that need to be engaged  throughout the recruitment process; candidate, hiring manager and the recruiter. Our Cloud-based recruitment software brings these stakeholders together with the use of powerful technology and intuitive solutions.

Perfecting Candidate Engagement

Improve your candidate journey with our powerful online recruitment software. Our award winning cloud-based applicant tracking system will provide with efficient  engagement and management tools  for you to use throughout your application process.

additional Features for your engagement Solutions

Here at Recruitive Ltd we offer a wide range of additional features that can be easily integrated into your new engagement solution.


With more jobs available on the market and limited talent, candidates have a choice of where they want to work meaning to secure the perfect candidate requires the perfect job advert. Therefore making the job experience interesting, efficient and  engaging is key to securing the right talent for any business. Our careers website design services are the first part of  attracting the best candidates.


Due to the busy nature of the recruitment industry it’s important hiring managers and their team can give their potential candidates the best experience quickly and easily. Therefore, they  need to be engaged throughout  the entire recruitment process. Our applicant tracking software allows them to manage their own department effectively whilst also providing help to others.


Recruiter’s often have complex roles and duties which means their workload can be tricky to juggle with managing multiple roles, multiple candidates and multiple hiring managers. Our online recruitment software allows recruiter’s to do their job quickly, efficiently whilst keeping the administration to a minimum.


All of our solutions are fully mobile optimised which allow candidates to easily apply for job vacancies and provide intuitive back-end technology for recruiters and hiring managers. This ensures all three stakeholders are engaged and get the perfect experience when applying through to your brand.

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