Client Support

See how we can help you in excelling with our cutting-edge recruitment software.

We pride ourselves on our high level of client care

Here at Recruitive, we understand that seamless assistance is vital to help you optimise your hiring process and make the most of your technology. Our dedicated support team is here to help you at every step of your recruitment journey, ensuring you achieve the best results and attract top talent effortlessly.

Why Choose Our Client Support Services?
  • Expert Assistance: Our highly skilled and knowledgeable support team possesses in-depth expertise in our recruitment software. They are always ready to address your queries promptly and provide valuable insights to enhance your recruitment efforts.
  • Tailored Solutions: Every client’s needs are unique, and our client support services are designed to cater to your specific requirements.
  • Proactive Issue Resolution: Our support team actively monitors your usage patterns and takes pre-emptive measures to resolve any potential issues before they impact your workflow.

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We thrive on the invaluable insights and experiences of our cherished clients. Your feedback fuels our commitment to delivering cutting-edge recruitment solutions that elevate your hiring process. By sharing your thoughts, you play an integral role in shaping the future of recruitment technology.

Our Client Support Service Offerings

Along with our dedicated team of Account and Project Managers, you’ll also gain our additional client support services.

No Ticket System

We deliver good quality customer care with a real person on the other end of the phone. We have numerous support staff to offer both administrative and technical client support whatever issues may arise.


We strive to ensure our clients are making the most of their solutions which is why we offer unlimited online training to all clients. As well as this we supply all clients with standard or branded user guides to refer back to whenever they need to.

Project Management

Our proven project management methodology is based on PRINCE2 principles, utilising a three-step implementation methodology. Each project is managed from order through to launch and beyond! 

We have experienced project managers who plan each project, confirm the functionality and allocate resources.

Technical & Hosting

All of our systems are hosted upon UK-based secure cloud server networks. We have direct access to servers at all times and the server network is continuously monitored 24/7. All data is backed up securely and rolling data retention procedures are in place at all times.

Frequently asked questions

What is included?

Our applicant tracking software covers everything you need to hire, including all stages of requisition, onboarding, HRMS and everything in between. Whatever your requirements we can uniquely design a solution that caters to your needs.

Can the ATS be customised?

Exigo is 100% customisable with the ability to edit individual fields, application forms, email templates and branding. We also integrate with third-party systems including DBS checks, video interviewing tools and psychometric testing platforms.

How many users can be on the system?

You can have unlimited users on our ATS system.

Can I integrate the ATS system with our HR technology?

Our ATS is designed to quickly integrate with most HR systems, either using their API (Application Programming Interface) or via a CSV. What’s more, our IT team provides 100% support to customers during integration.

Is the ATS system branded to Recruitive?

Our software is white-labelled, meaning we can brand your system to your specific brand requirements, ensuring the system feels like your own.

Can I integrate the ATS system with our careers website?

Our system can be integrated into your corporate website, effortlessly allowing you to post jobs to your website and view incoming CV’s immediately. On the other hand, if you’d like to incorporate a new careers site into your system we can design and build a fully optimised careers page to help with your talent attraction.

Where can I post my jobs?

We integrate with over 1,400 job boards including top sites CV Library, Reed, Total Jobs, Monster and Indeed. If you’re after a specific job board then we can integrate with most platforms and social media tools.

Do Hiring Managers have a separate login?

Yes, your hiring managers can have their own portal into the system with the level of accessibility set by the main admin users.

Can I shortlist?

Yes, our ATS shortlisting capabilities allow you to rank candidates in order of suitability, with those not unsuitable being placed into an accessible talent pool to be used for future job openings.

Can a candidate apply via a mobile device?

Yes, our system is mobile-friendly including smartphones and tablets. It has full compatibility throughout the whole recruitment process and supports the upload of documents such as a CV.

How much does it cost?

The pricing structure of our software solutions is built to meet your requirements. Based on this, we will then charge you an agreed annual, renewable fee, which will be set upon the features you require within your solution. We do not charge for job posting, ongoing client support, training, job board integrations or data storage & backup.

Who needs to be involved?

Your IT team will need to know about any new technical system/software solution that you are bringing into the business. Ask your IT team to generate a questionnaire containing all the information that they may require.

Is the system GDPR compliant?

Yes, our software meets GDPR compliance. Candidates in your talent pool will willingly have to join your database. An automated GDPR privacy email will be sent for them to either accept or decline, making it easy to build your talent pool without compromising GDPR.

Can I communicate with candidates?

Yes, our software is integrated with Outlook and Google Calendar. Our ATS uses a built-in communication suite that allows you to communicate with candidates via email and SMS directly from within the system via an individual or personalised group message. You can create as many email and SMS templates as you need. The system allows you to upload potential candidates who you may have connected with and would like to keep on record even if they are not previous applicants.

Does our system include onboarding?

Yes, our onboarding software seamlessly integrates into our Applicant Tracking System to ensure candidates are onboarded as efficiently as possible with user experience in mind. Similarily to the whole system, our onboarding can be made to be bespoke and designed to meet specific requirements.

What do we charge for?

You will be charged an annual, renewable fee, which will be based upon features you require within your solution.

If you’d like more details or information about our billing processes, please get in touch with a member of expert team. Alternatively chat to one of our staff members using our LIVE chat feature! 

We don’t charge for the following: our job posting facilities, client support, online training, jobs board integration and data storage/backups.