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Fully integrated into our application tracking software, our powerful multi job posting technology is unique to Recruitive.

Fully Integrated With Our ATS


Fully integrated into our application tracking software, is powerful, multi job posting technology, unique to Recruitive and developed over the past 10 years. You can raise a job requisition within your business and post it quickly to over 500+ jobs boards, by simply completing one job posting form.

Multiple job posting and applicant tracking technology was originally designed to save recruitment companies and HR managers, time and money and was (and still is in many cases) accessed via a third party website/software platform.

The Recruitive multi job posting platform is now fully integrated with our main Applicant Tracking Software, Exigo. You do not have to access a third party system now, you can start posting by accessing your main ATS system.

Your main HR Managers, Line Managers and any user connected to the Exigo ATS system can quickly raise a job requisition and post a standard or branded job to 500+ jobs boards and your own website, by completing a single job posting form.

We offer unlimited jobs postings at no extra cost.

Recruitive ATS System with Multi-Job Posting Technology

Some of our multi posting functionality is described below:


Advert Distribution

The main feature of all Multi Job Posting products allows you to produce one job vacancy and post it to 1, 10 or 500+ job boards in just one go, all at the click of a mouse.

Response Tracking

Track which boards are producing the best results and delivering the most CV’s to manage your return on investment and help make decisions as to where to place your next vacancies.

Quota Management

Set Job Board credit allocation by user, team, branch or date. You can ensure you or your employees never overspend. You can allocate certain job boards to individuals, teams.

Advert Management

Track where you have posted an advert and when it is due to expire. You can also repost if required.

Response Reporting

Our Exigo ATS allows full reporting, including trends and response tracking.

Job Board Network

You can post your job vacancy to hundreds of UK Job Boards in just a few clicks. These include all the big named boards, free to post, niche and regional boards.

Advert Approval

This option ensures that all Job advert wordings are approved by a senior member of your staff before being submitted. This is useful for staff training.

Careers Website Integration

You can integrate with your own Careers Website, posting vacancies onto your website as well as multiple job boards.

Full Applicant Tracking Services

With Exigo, you can now track and manage all inbound applications, in one, centralised database system.

Most ATS systems use other, third-party multi-job posting tools. With Exigo, you can do the whole lot, all in one place.

We also offer a range of additional aftercare services with the launch of all our products. Find out more here.


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