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Simplify Candidate Management

Track all your past, present and future job candidates with intuitive features and powerful tools, you can manage all your recruitment processes with one network.

The Secret To Smarter Recruiting

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) is a software application designed to streamline and automate your hiring process. It is a centralised platform that helps you manage job applications, track candidates’ progress, and make informed hiring decisions. 

From posting job openings to managing candidate applications an ATS acts as your digital assistant. Organising and tracking candidate data, automating workflows, and ensuring you get all the top talent. 

With an ATS, you’ll bid farewell to cumbersome spreadsheets and piles of CVs, and say hello to efficiency, speed, and accuracy. Discover the magic of Applicant Tracking Software and take control of your hiring destiny today!

Embrace Top Benefits


Efficiency at its finest, an ATS can provide your team with a lifeline supporting recruiters and employers in sourcing the best talent in the market.

Speedy Hiring

According to GetApp more than 86% of recruiters say that using an ATS has reduced their time-to-hire. By investing your time and energy only in the most qualified individuals, automating workflows and streamlining your hiring process you can slash your time-to-hire and take the edge off stressful hiring situations.

Minimise Expenditure

An ATS eliminates the need for manual processes, saving you precious resources and time. Plus with valuable analytics and reports, you can gain insights into the effectiveness of your recruitment efforts, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and optimise your hiring budget.

Expand Your Candidate Reach

An ATS acts as your personal talent magnet, attracting top talent through optimised job descriptions, targeted keywords and multi-job postings in just a few clicks. It also enables you to proactively search for candidates within your talent pool, ensuring you get all the hidden gems.

Positive Candidate Experience

By automating communication and implementing a dedicated candidate portal, you can keep your candidates in the loop without disruption.

Features and Functions



Fully customise your system to your specific corporate branding and marketing guidelines.


Post hundreds of jobs on multiple job boards, social media platforms and career sites, manage your job board credits at a reduced rate and do anything in between with our multi-job posting system.


Create multiple tasks for yourself or a colleague to be completed on specific dates & times and manage your to-do list using one effective project management tool.


Send individual or group SMSs by creating as many personlised templates as you require.


Ensure your new starters have everything they need to start their job role with a secure onboarding process; deliver documents on time, sign contracts and distribute welcome packs.


Report on the best sources of applications, time to hire, cost per hire, challenging bottlenecks and diversity from your dashboard. What’s more, you can filter data with ease and export to Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF documents.


Create bespoke, secondary application forms including employment or education history to learn more about your candidates and match them with the best job role.


Additional contact management functionality can allow you to link a multitude of records together such as internal records, managing sectors, managing status and job details.


Search through candidate’s records stored in your talent pool using specific information, Boolean Keywords or our search parameters.


Automate or manually generate emails for all stages of your recruitment process such as applications, candidate uploads, application scoring, GDPR confirmation and candidate history.


Use our Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Shortlister integration for video interviews to assess candidates on their qualifications, soft skills, and more during the hiring process.


Ensure your GDPR privacy policy is accessible by having full control over the contents of all emails, landing pages, reminders and privacy statements.


Candidates are automatically deleted after 12 months of registration, although you can specify a different timescale if required. Our standard timescales are 12 months upon acceptance, and we provide candidates with 90 days’ notice to respond. During the 90 day period, the candidates’ status is set to ‘Pending.’

Advanced Functionality!


Gear up for recruitment success with our scalable end-to-end recruitment services that adapt to your unique needs and future growth plans. Our software is easily customisable to fit any sector’s demands and processes. See our lineup of extra-special bespoke features below, designed to take your hiring experience to the next level.

Key Stakeholders In Your ATS Procurement Process

There are many stakeholders included in the procurement and implementation process of an ATS. It’s essential to manage the requirements of your stakeholders to ensure their needs are met so no delays occur.

Your IT team will need to know about any new technical system/software solution you plan to implement into the business. Although most solutions nowadays are SaaS (Software As A Service) and should require little involvement from the team, it’s essential you ask your IT colleagues to generate a questionnaire containing all information they need (a limit of ten questions should be sufficient). Share these questions with your account manager and if required, ask to arrange a call with your in-house IT team.

When sourcing a new Applicant Tracking Software you may opt to have our expert team design, build and host a careers website on your behalf along with automatic communications between candidates and the company. These external interactions should be reviewed by your marketing team or department to ensure your company brand guidelines are being followed throughout.

When you’re planning which features and functions to choose from, it’s important to understand exactly what your team needs from the solution. Your organisation’s process will determine how much access your team needs, so it’s key that you define your process before looking at the functions required by each user group. Of course, recruiters will be the primary internal users of your system, so they should be heavily involved in the procurement of your new solution, managing the project and ensuring their needs are clearly identified.

Candidates will also need to utilise your ATS to manage their recruitment process and communicate with your hiring team. Mapping out your candidate’s journey can help you plan which additional features or functions you require to ensure your process continues to run smoothly. In an ideal world, your candidate will have a dedicated area of your solution where they can access any information they need. As a standard, the candidate should be able to: search & apply for roles, track progress, register for job alerts, upload documents, update details, communicate with your team, view onboarding materials and enter additional data.

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