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Build up a network of candidate connections with your own candidate talent pool.

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A talent pool is a database which allows you to keep a record of the best talent, giving you the ability to hire more competitively in the future.

What is a Talent Pool?

For every successful application, you may have received several others from great candidates.  Although these may not have been suitable to hire at the time for a variety of reasons, a talent pool allows you to keep a record of these potential candidates to utilise in the future.

A talent pool is ultimately a database which allows you to keep a record of the best talent, giving you the ability to hire more competitively in the future.

What’s included?

This feature can be used by both main admin users of the applicant tracking software  as well as hiring managers through their hiring manager portal.

The database is secure  and GDPR compliant as candidates in your talent pool will have willingly joined your database.

The system also allows you to upload potential candidates who you may have connected with which are not previous applicants but would like to keep on record.

Recruitive’s Talent Pool Services

For GDPR purposes a privacy email will also be sent out to candidates which will allow them to either opt-in or out of your database, making it easy to build your talent pool without compromising GDPR regulations.

Having these details on record can save you time and money  next time you come to recruit, as you’ll have suitable candidates on hand to contact directly. This means you’ll be able to reduce candidate sourcing costs whilst saving time by already having been through the screening process.

Features and Functions

Some of the features and functions include the following:

Advanced Candidate Search

The advanced candidate search allows you to make detailed searches through your candidate database.

Boolean Keyword Search

The Boolean Keyword Search allows you to create specific, detailed searches of your database.

CV Parasing Technology

This technology reads and parses a CV and populates the system with data quickly.

Candidate tagging

You can tag candidates to access them quickly.

Create Categories

You can group candidates by categorising them to make it easier to communicate with a specific group.

Email plugin

You can communicate with candidates easily by email. Email providers such as Outlook  can be integrated.

Drag & Drop Functionality

You can quickly organise your candidates by dragging and dropping their CV into different areas of the system.

Email & Sms Communication Suite

The Communication Suite allows you to communicate quickly with your candidates via email and SMS.

Talent Pool Functions
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Additional Information

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