Google Jobs Integration

Optimise job listings for Google and maximise results through enhanced visibility.

How We Integrate With Google Jobs

All Google Job integrations begin with a job database scheme consisting of company logo, industry sectors, currencies, locations and contract types. 

These schemes allow your jobs to be displayed and rank in Google from your careers website without having to put all the leg work in to get there! 

The jobs are displayed on Google via an activated XML feed, which is updated every day directly to Google Jobs. Google jobs then parse the data into the Google jobs’ database allowing candidates to see the opportunities you have available.

Improving Application Conversions 

Here’s some benefits of using Google Jobs:

Rank in Google Search

Eligible posts will have the opportunity to be displayed at the top of a job search on Google often dominating any other organic free website listings.

Increase Candidate Engagement

Google Jobs helps you to gain more exposure to candidates searching for jobs and allows them to click through to your site without the need to go through a third-party site first.


All applications are directed back to your own career’s website, protecting and retaining your brand through the whole recruitment process.

It’s Free

It’s free to list in Google Jobs as long as you have the right tools to be eligible for integration.

Reduce HR Costs & Increase Efficiency

Save on fees and increase efficiency by sending candidates straight to your careers site.

Relevant Job Searches

Google will only list jobs relevant to what the job seeker searches and shows the most recent postings so that your posts are less likely to be drowned by non-active jobs.

Integrates With Third-party Job Sites

Many third-party job sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Glassdoor and Monster will display through Google Jobs.

Mobile Responsive

Google Jobs will automatically format your job postings to be compatible with all devices.

Filtered Search Tools

Google allows you to filter with certain criteria like location or job title, allowing you to attract and target suitable candidates.