Hiring the Best Talent

How to Hire the Right Talent?

Hiring the right talent for your organisation & bringing them on-board in an efficient manner whilst keeping them engaged is key to them joining ready to go. Our comprehensive  on-boarding software solutions will help you do that quickly and effectively.

Streamline your on-boarding tasks 

Our  on-boarding software technology can be designed to fit your processes and we will ensure all of your parties are up-to-date with change. What’s more, your candidate will be able to understand your company before they join and you have all of the documentation needed from them before they start.

additional Features for your On-boarding system

Here at Recruitive Ltd we offer a wide range of additional features that can be easily integrated into your new on-boarding system.


Ensuring seamless communication between the three stakeholders in the recruitment process – candidate, hiring manager and recruiter is key to a successful hiring process. Using our award winning  applicant tracking system allows for easy, branded communication between all three stakeholders via email and SMS.


Enabling recruiters, hiring managers and candidates to understand exactly what’s happening in the process, track where they’re at and where they need to be is key to keeping all parties engaged and making a successful hire. Our  applicant tracking software & technology is built around your needs, providing a high level of communication for candidates and a detailed path to follow for recruiters at any time.


Information needs to flow multiple ways throughout the recruitment process, recruiter’s needs information and feedback from hiring managers – job brief, candidate feedback etc, hiring managers need information from candidates and candidates from the recruiter. Using our award winning technology all of this information can be shared seamlessly, online and securely. Recruiters, hiring managers and candidates all have their own portal where they can log in and track what’s happening and complete the next steps.


Once your candidate is on-board they convert from a candidate to becoming an employee, our technology can seamlessly integrate with your HR system taking your new team member from a   candidate to an employee with just the click of a button. Keep track of your recruiting costs with our  reports & analytics including time to hire and cost of hire reports.

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