Build your reporting hub with our Applicant Tracking Software and access a range of bespoke tools to effectively analyse your hiring process. 

Empower your hiring team

Our reporting tool provides a comprehensive view of your recruitment pipeline, allowing you to track, analyse, and optimise every stage of the journey. It’s like having a personal data-driven assistant, always ready to guide you towards smarter decisions.

Make data the driving force behind your recruitment strategy by embracing crucial insights and transformative intelligence

Visibility to Performance: See how well your hiring efforts are performing in real-time. From the number of applicants to the time-to-hire, it’s all at your fingertips.

Identify Bottlenecks: Ever felt like your hiring process is in limbo? Our reporting tool helps you pinpoint bottlenecks, so you can unclog the pipeline and keep things flowing.

Data-Driven Decision Making: With solid data in hand, make informed decisions that elevate your hiring strategy and lead to better hires.

Track ROI: Where are you investing your recruitment budget? Our tool helps you track the return on investment, ensuring every pound spent contributes to your hiring success.

Personalised Recruitment Roadmap

Spot Trends

Identify patterns in successful hires. What skills do they commonly possess? Use this insight to refine your job descriptions and attract similar talent.

Optimise Job Ad Performance

See which job boards yield the best results. Focus your efforts where they matter most, saving time and resources.

Enhanced Candidate Experience

Dive into feedback and engagement metrics. Improve the candidate journey based on real experiences to attract top-tier talent.

Refined Source Strategy

Know where your ideal candidates hang out online. Refine your sourcing strategy to meet them where they are.

Candidate Source Report

Automatically track where candidates are applying from and plan where to spend media budgets by confirming the best job boards for your business.

Average Time To Hire Report

See on average how long it takes candidates to get from application to placement in the progress options or use our search parameters to find unique results. P lan future recruitment campaigns using this data and locate any lengthy steps in your application process that may result in poor Time to Hire figures.

Candidate Progress Report

See how many candidates are sat at each progress option from application, first interview and second interview etc.

Candidate Count Report

View how many candidates have entered the system daily, weekly, in total, and how many hot candidates you have. Understand the quantity and quality of your candidate database and the running total of available candidates.

Candidate By Progress Report

Look over your candidate’s historic progress and see a candidate’s previous progress as well as their current position in your hiring lifecycle. Understand the history of any shortlisted or unsuccessful candidates who have entered your recruitment processes previously. This data can be filtered by date range, progress option, job or user.

Active Jobs By User Report

Instantly see how many live jobs each user/line manager has on the system and review any blockages in the process. Alternatively, you can review if a user has a large or low amount of active positions on the system.

Average Response Report

See the average amount of responses you receive for each posted job by taking your total amount of candidates and dividing it by your total amount of jobs. This helps you understand the number of applications for future recruitment campaigns.

Hiring Manager Candidate By Progress Report

See the number of candidates at specific progress options per job for each job linked to a hiring manager’s record in the main system; you can filter by  hiring manager. (The progress options in the grid are relevant to the progress options you have in your system.)

Indepth Overview

Our standard report shows an expert overview of which jobs have been posted, their current status and how many applications have been made. These data sets can be filtered by date range, user or a specific job title as well as be exported to excel for further internal or external use.


In addition to our standard reporting feature, your team can be given access to our diversity reporting tool. By presenting a diversity questionnaire at the end of your application process you can review a multitude of different diversity data sets such as ethnic origin, whether they are considered to have a disability, age group, religion, sexual orientation, occupation and gender.

Each data set is presented in a selection of pie charts for easy analysis by your HR team. All data can also be filtered by date range and progress option. 

Report Generator

Need something a little more niche? Our system allows you to build custom reports by choosing your columns, filters and parameters. Once your report is built you can run your report as and when required.

This unique tool allows you to report on essential areas of your business, helping you build a robust recruitment plan.