Requisition Module

Manage and record your new requisitions/ requests for recruitment online from any device.

What is a Requisition Module?

The requisition module within our solution allows you to fully manage and record your new requisitions/ requests for recruitment online from any device.

How is it used in practice?

Hiring managers often call Recruitment to ask them to start working on a new vacancy, this might be an email or a form with a request to recruit. Sometimes this form goes through an approvals process before arriving at a recruiter’s desk.

Using a requisition module within our solution allows the request for a new employee/recruitment to begin to be completed online (from any device including mobile), if necessary this can then go through the approvals process before the role lands on the recruiter’s desk.


What are the benefits?

Completing this process online has multiple benefits, including but not limited to:

• All requests being documented

• Reduce risk of miscommunication

• Manage and track requests at all stages

• One place for all information to be stored

• Everything date and time stamped so all parties are accountable

• Accurate data capture

• Timely approvals from any device

What are the extras?

Your requisition process can be completely unique to your organisation:

• Multiple requisition forms for different roles/business units which include appropriate data

• Multiple approval workflows for different types of roles e.g. budgeted/unbudgeted/replacement

• Ability to add notes and documents to requests

• Ability to approve in one click from any device

• Templates available for the requester to utilise without populating role information

Discover more with our Requisition Module resources!

Download our Requisition Module factsheet for a shareable resource, or watch our short video for a quick overview. Arrange a call with us to learn more about our Requisition Module and ask for a FREE demo.