SEO Services

Attract and engage with candidates via your careers website. Make it quick and simple to search for the right jobs.

Navigating Search Engine Optimisation

Ever wonder how your business shows up when people search online? SEO is like your business’s best friend in the online world. By diving deep into your business, checking out what your competitors are up to, and understanding your market inside out you can attract the very best talent.

Once we’ve created your careers website, we make sure it’s not just a pretty face but also best friends with search engines. Right from the start, our websites are built to be search engine-ready, making sure your business shines bright when people are looking for their next career move.

Quality Website Content

At the heart of your SEO is your website content. It’s like the secret sauce for getting noticed online. We’ll help you create SEO-optimised content, sprinkled with a bit of technical goodness.

Your website’s content should speak the language of your audience, using the words they type into search engines. Articles are another great way to make informative and unique but also well-crafted content that talent can relate to.

For best practice, all content needs to optimised for search engines and bonus points if you get your team to shout it out on social media.

Without good quality content being added regularly in the form of new content or weekly articles it will be challenging to achieve good search engine positions.

Search Engine Optimisation

Your website needs to be buddies with search engines – we call it ‘search engine-friendly’. When a search engine checks out your site, it should be able to easily roam around and get the lowdown on what you’re all about. To make it a hit, your content should speak the language of your audience, using the words they’d type in to find you.

So, what’s the trick? Your articles need to be not just informative and well-written but also as unique as you are.

If you’re new to SEO, Google has a cool explanation of how search engines do their thing. It’s like SEO 101 from the masters themselves!

Meta Tags

Think of Meta Tags as a secret code for your website consisting of keywords and phrases about a webpage to help search engines understand your content.

By sprinkling those keywords all over your website – in META Tags, content, URLs, buttons and links you can make your site speak the language of search engines.

Once you’ve worked your magic, it’s showtime! It’s time to submit your site to search engines.

Here’s the lowdown on how Google treats Meta Tags and why they’re a key part of search engine optimisation:

Important Guidelines

High-level search engine positions can take time especially when adding new content. If you want to increase your ranking, you’ll need to create good-quality content.

Be careful of companies promising top search engine positions as these SEO tactics can harm your search engine ranking and can even get your website blocked!

Here are some important guidelines from Google:

Are You Search Engine Ready?

We promise all our websites are Search Engine Ready, see our SEO checklist:

  • Every page is accessible
  • Every page has relative H1-H5 tags
  • Every page has relevant Meta Titles
  • Every page has relevant Meta Descriptions

  • Every URL is accessible
  • Every Menu link is accessible
  • Every website footer link is accessible
  • Every image has ALT text
  • Every link has ALT text

  • The website has an authenticated XML website map
  • The websites operates on HTTPS
  • The websites are mobile compatible
  • Pages have inbound links