Technical Overview


All of our services are hosted upon dedicated and powerful database and website servers, located in the UK


Data Centre

All of our services are hosted upon dedicated and powerful database and website servers, located in the UK at a purpose built, state-of-the-art, Tier 3+ 2N data centre. Our data centre operates at a high level of security and features, as standard, the following procedures:

Server and database access only from specified IP addresses.

24/7 manned security and CCTV surveillance.

Entry via card access proximity readers on all doors.

3m high perimeter fencing.

Biometric entry controls.

We have direct and full access to these servers at all times and can respond quickly to any software or hardware issues.


Data Backup Procedures

Automated, incremental and full data backups are performed daily and we retain a rolling backup of all data for period of 30 days. All backups are fully encrypted and stored securely on to high capacity disks in RAID formation on a dedicated server at the data centre. They are AES-256 encrypted and all backups are held for 30 days. No removable media such as data tapes are used.

Recruitive Technical & Data Overview

Security Procedures

All of our servers are protected with antivirus software and firewall systems. Intrusion detection software (IDS) is also configured to alert our technical staff of any suspicious activity.

We undertake an annual penetration test on our core systems, to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities.

Our ATS software and website systems feature a high a level of password security. Our systems require all users to create strong passwords. After three unsuccessful login attempts, users are required to complete an additional Captcha security form, as an added layer of verification. Password and user account encryption is also deployed.

Access to all of our servers is restricted only to specified IP addresses for the purposes of technical support and maintenance.

All our systems operate using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates provided by our technical security partners, tsoHost and Comodo.


Disaster Recovery Procedures

In the event of an incident, or if one of our servers are compromised, then data will quickly be restored from a previous, secure backup. If a server is compromised or if there is a serious hardware failure, then any system can be migrated to alternative servers or new servers can be sourced and activated at short notice. Our data centre engineers have detailed plans in place for any such incident.

Recruitive have a disaster recovery plan which is tested at least once a year, in conjunction with our data centre engineers.


Technical Support

Recruitive’s Technical Department are available to provide software support between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.  Our server network is monitored additionally, 24/7 by our UK based data centre engineers.


Data Processing

All data is stored securely and processed at our data centre, in the UK.

We have data processing agreements in place with all of our technical and administrative suppliers.

All data retention processes and rules are controlled by the Data Controller; as long as they remain customers of Recruitive they can store or delete data as required. The Data Controllers have control over GDPR settings which determine how long data is retained in line with Data Protection legislation.

In the event of a Data Breach, we will follow our Data Breach Reporting process and inform all relevant parties, including the Information Commissioner’s Office.


Domain Names

Domain names are reserved via our domain name partners, 123-Reg and We only reserve the domain names with our clients as the registrant and we can reserve domain names for 1 year, through to 10 years.

We also offer a DNS service, where you can keep your domain name with your current supplier and we will just manage your DNS via our own DNS servers.



We supply a range of powerful, business class, managed email services, including IMAP, Microsoft Hosted Exchange, 25GB POP3 email and Webmail services.


Service Level Agreements

Our current, general Service Level Agreement can be viewed here

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