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Video Interviewing

Our video interviewing systems are seamlessly integrated with your Applicant Tracking System.

As well as arranging and organising your interviews, as usual, you can select to undertake a video interview with any candidate that you have shortlisted in a live or pre-recorded format that is fully white labelled to the client. 

These tools enable employers to use digital technology to assess candidates on their qualifications, soft skills, and more during the hiring process, saving recruitment professionals up to 50% in the time it usually takes to hire.

Users can send requests to candidates individually or in bulk via email and SMS, schedule, and sync it to their calendars.

With branded bespoke templates, clients can set up interview formats with tailored questions that they can save, edit, and utilise whenever they need.

On completion, the ATS will show and notify admin users, marking the uploaded video against the candidate’s record to be reviewed and shortlisted accordingly.

The tool like the rest of the system is accessible from anywhere at any time on a smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac.

What Does it Include?

Create a video interview request in the ATS against a job

Invite candidates to complete the interview via SMS & email

Review the video interview from within the ATS

Shortlist from the video interview

Score the video interview

Receive candidate status updates at all stages

Receive completion alerts

Use the video interviewing software on any device

Create bespoke questions and branded templates

Set timers for candidate thinking and answer times

Save previous questions for future use

Multiple User Access with controls set by main admin users

Synced to calendars 

GDPR Compliant 

Interview Scheduling

Compatibility across all devices



The Benefits?

Makes shortlisting easier

Improves time & cost to hire

Improves the Candidate Experience

Streamlines the Recruitment Processes

Creates collaborative teams


Download our Video Interviewing Factsheet 

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Designed for HR, Recruitment Teams and Hiring Managers whilst significantly enhancing the candidate journey.

A white labelled solution in your own branding, tailored to your exact requirements, and designed to…


  • Reduce time to hire
  • Reduce cost per hire
  • Enhance the candidate journey

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