Video Interviewing

Create, request, schedule, shortlist and much more with our video interviewing software.

Interview Anywhere, Anytime

Use digital technology to interview and assess candidates and learn more about their qualifications, soft skills and more during your hiring process.

Whether you implementing video interviewing as a preliminary shortlisted tool or to make that final hiring decision, our software is the perfect solution for your recruitment team. 

Screen, Connect and Hire

Our video interviewing system can be used by your central HR/recruitment teams or Hiring Managers. Have the option of sending a request to an individual or multiple candidates at any point in the recruitment process with a click of a button.

With our notifications technology, your team will receive an instant alert when a candidate has completed and submitted their video. Review individual candidate interviews in their records automatically.

The Magic Of Video Interviewing

  • Reach more applicants in more places
  • Improves time and cost to hire
  • Uncover the most suitable applicants with minimal investment in time
  • Improve collaboration between teams
  • Deliver a better candidate experience through a user-friendly video interviewing platform
  • Flexibility with setting up as many branded templates

Simplifying Recruitment With Video

  • Structured review criteria 
  • Candidate self-scheduling 
  • Email & SMS text reminders keep all interview participants informed, engaged and up-to-date
  • Automated calendar syncing, schedule interviews on behalf of your team
  • Accessible anywhere at any time on smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.