AMT Coffee Launches ATS and Careers Website

AMT Coffee Launches New Careers Website And ATS System


AMT Coffee recently launches a new applicant tracking system and careers website with help from end-to-end recruitment specialists, Recruitive, to help job seekers find quality employment opportunities within the barista and retail sector.


AMT Coffee is a private 100% British, quality and customer-driven coffee company, that proudly serves a charitable company called Change Please. With no current software in place and the business having aggressive growth plans, the organisation was waiting on funds to grow the business from 10 units to around 60 nationwide over the next few years.

Subsequently, AMT coffee was looking to invest in a new careers website and applicant tracking systems to help them manage their current and future job vacancies.

After approaching Recruitive in May of 2021, Recruitive was put forward to the board and as a result, AMT coffee appointed our team to implement their careers website and ATS software.


Recruitive’s careers websites have a simple but feature-rich content management system so that staff can post updates and manage their website content with ease, attracting the best candidates and projecting a positive image of their company.

What’s more, our applicant tracking system allows HR professionals to track all correspondence from jobs boards and their careers websites, assisting in their response and filling vacancies quickly & efficiently. The software supports their team from the early stages of requisition through to onboarding, creating a seamless recruitment journey for all stakeholders.


Take a look at their careers website here.

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