Improve Candidate Response Redesign Your Application Process - Recruitive LTD
Whether you’re designing your application process from scratch or simply revising your current process, there are […]
Social Media Recruitment
How Can Social Media Be Used In Recruitment? It Can Be Used To: Create Awareness of […]
job ads
When it comes to writing job ads, it is often a challenge to know exactly what […]
Recruitive Talent Pools
Talent Pools We often speak about talent pools and how useful they are in recruitment, but […]
careers website history recruitive
Our First-Ever Careers Website The first-ever careers website we built, in 1997 was, we thought at […]
Recruitive ATS Blind Recruitment
Hiding candidates’ names and other key information is supposedly a big step forward for preventing unconscious […]
Candidate Engagement By Recruitive
To increase candidate engagement and response, you need to look at your recruitment process from a […]
Multi-Job Posting Tool Job Mate By Recruitive
Businesses across the UK have taken quite a hit in the last few weeks. Key sectors […]
Business Plan By Recruitive
It may feel like you’ve hit a bump in the road. The business was busy, but […]
Employee Onboarding Software Recruitive
As COVID-19 shifts the way we work, employers need to find new ways to help recruits […]
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