Guide To Recruitment In The Next 10 Years

Guide To Recruitment In The Next 10 Years


While 2030 may feel like something in the distant future with flying cars and robots, recruitment is set to look more human than ever before. Trends such as using artificial intelligence, cloud technology and advanced applicant tracking systems are on the horizon, experts say. 

However new technological trends must focus on onboarding, upskilling and reskilling current employees if professionals want organisations to easily adapt their tools.


Sourcing Talent

Internal teams and external recruiters will work together when sourcing new talent to help organisations find candidates with very specific skills. Sourcing niche skills will become essential for recruiters as job roles become more diverse and intuitive.

Bringing new talent, and retaining and upscaling that talent will drive the success of businesses in coming years. Understanding how future digital transformation includes both digital aspects and embracing human beings will differentiate those willing to adopt change and those who stay stagnant in the market. Sourcing candidates with hybrid skills, or hard and soft skills will be the backbone for internal and external recruiters finding talent for specialty areas.


Hiring Entry-Level Candidates

Organisations will put a big emphasis on hiring for diverse and inclusive ideas, which will enhance a company’s culture and leads to profitability. Recruiting diverse candidates at the entry level will remain important as companies move those candidates up the talent pipeline into leadership roles, instead of looking outside of the organisation for top executive talent.



Enhancing communication styles for recruiters will grow in importance, analytical candidates who prefer technology may favour asking questions online through chatbots. Whereas more emotional applicants could incline towards a more personal, one-on-one communication style.

What’s more, if a candidate is based in a location outside an organisation’s headquarters, a company representative in that location could meet with them. Changing your communication model results in moving the process forward more quickly and ultimately employing quality talent easily.


What future predictions do you have? 

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