How Powerful AI Technology Can Build A More Diverse Workforce

How Powerful AI Technology Can Build A More Diverse Workforce


AI technology has become more and more powerful in the past 10 years with Amazon Alexa now being able to order your shopping and intuitive ad tools suggesting the best products according to your data. 

Well, this is no different for the recruitment sector, powerful AI technology is growing across the job market with organisations taking advantage of its tools to build a more diverse workforce.

Machine learning and data-driven recruitment platforms can help HR leaders recognise factors such as unconscious bias and poor communication that can hinder efforts to attract a diverse talent pool. What’s more, when applied correctly, this technology has the power to speed and automate the most mundane tasks and free up human workers to devote more time to higher-value activities.

So, let’s take a look at how AI technology can help you create a diverse workforce…


Candidate Attraction

Did you know two out of three people looking for a job see diversity as a core influencer on whether they apply for a role? 

AI-assisted recruitment platforms can help you source candidates from a variety of different backgrounds and ethnicities. Using thoughtful tools you can look at the more subtle patterns in a candidate’s career journey and take a more inclusive approach as well as measure a candidate’s likelihood of success in a job. Well-designed tools can support decision-making and identify qualified candidates with non-traditional career paths and a demonstrated ability to acquire new skills.


Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias is inherent in being human but can lead to you unknowingly favouring or rejecting candidates based on assumed ethnicity or background. AI-driven platforms can help prevent bias by relying on data-driven decisions to ensure they do not “learn” and carry the same bias as human intelligence.

This may require you to train recruiters and hiring managers to be aware of their own biases and use AI technology to source or inform decisions.



Candidates are looking for a level of personalisation within the recruitment process to influence their decision-making. AI-driven recruitment platforms can provide an abundance of opportunities when it comes to building this engagement, such as virtual tools and personalised videos from team members.


In conclusion, AI technology can offer a whole host of advantages and help you diversify your workforce. Although it’s important to offer the correct training and development opportunities for recruiters if you want to make the most of the tools. 

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