Launch of Career Kinetics - Flat Fee Recruitment Services

We’re happy to finally share some exciting news that we have acquired Career Kinetics into SaaS Holdings Limited.


Formerly known as Candidate Wizard, Career Kinetics will even further support our mission to provide a complete end to end recruitment solution.

As Recruitive’s Cloud Software & Career Kinetics Managed Services come together, we will deliver just that, a complete solution to fill the gap in recruitment that still requires a human touch. The kind of support that many businesses do not always have the time or resources to deliver themselves.

It’s then that businesses find themselves reaching out to recruitment agencies, which can return high-quality candidates, but for an alarming price. That’s where Career Kinetics comes into play.

This new business under the Recruitive umbrella offers the services of a recruitment agency at a much lower rate. Giving you the quality hires you so desperately need, but at a price that’s not going to break the bank.

Giving you full reigns, with 100% transparency and as much control as you need, our services are here to be utilised at any point in the recruitment process, as much or as little as you need.

Whether you want us to help source candidates, buy ad space, design a careers page or support you with the whole of your recruitment process, no problem! There is no fixed solution because, at Career Kinetics, we believe it’s not a one size fits all scenario. That’s why the recruitment solutions we deliver are bespoke and tailored specifically to your wishes and requirements.

And although the brand may be new, our experience is not! Having been in the industry for years, our expert team have a wealth of knowledge and experience, from all areas of the recruitment industry to ensure you get the results you desire.


List of Career Kinetics Services:

  • Partnerships with over 2,100 Candidate Attraction Job Boards, Aggregators and Social Media Platforms – Access to a talent pool of over 34 million candidates UK Wide.
  • Role Requirements Gathering
  • Candidate Market Research to identify the best attraction methods
  • Job Advert Writing & Full Optimisation
  • Multiple Job Board Posting including Social Media Platforms
  • Branded Cloud Based Applicant Tracking System with streamlined candidate engagement.
  • CV Searching and Head-hunting Services
  • Total Candidate Management
  • Filtering and Screening of all applications by our in-house team
  • Candidate Communication and Engagement
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Online skills testing
  • Candidate Shortlisting
  • Video/telephone Screening
  • Campaign Analysis
  • Offer Extension
  • Candidate On-Boarding including DBS and Reference Checking
  • Document & Data Collation
  • Full Recruitment Process Outsourced Solution
  • Bespoke Careers Pages

If you require any further information contact us today or visit the Career Kinetics Website, let us show you how our solutions can work for you!


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