Pandemic Increases Job Satisfaction Amongst Millennials

Despite only 3 in 10 revealing to be in their dream job, new research suggests the pandemic has sparked significant job satisfaction amongst millennials.

According to Executive Grapevinenew research by F&C Investment Trust found that over half of millennials now appreciate their job more than they did pre-pandemic.

Although the survey saw a rise in job satisfaction, it did also reveal that 71% of millennials are yet to secure their dream job, with only 15% believing they were on the right track.

Money concerns were one of the main reasons for this, with 68% citing fears around financial stability and 65% worried about the knock-on effect it would have on their family if they were to do so.

Despite this, 46% have found increased satisfaction in their current role over the last 12 months due to the security and stability provided.

And this is not the only aspect that has caused greater appreciation, as 39% said the flexibility of working from home had increased their happiness, including not having to commute (31%).

24% also said that the support offered by employers during the pandemic was appreciated, particularly towards well-being and promoting a healthy work-life balance.

Additionally, the survey involving 2,000 adults (500 of those being Millennials) found that a Millennial woman is less likely to be in their dream job, with only one in four claiming to already have theirs, compared to one-third of men.

Money concerns were similarly greater amongst women as well, as 27% of respondents said a lack of money is stopping them from pursuing their dream careers, compared to 16% of men.


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