Recruitive Launches New Campaign

Recruitment software specialist, Recruitive, launches a new healthcare campaign to raise awareness on the challenges healthcare recruiters are currently facing in the recruitment sector.

Never has the care industry been more challenging and in need of quality talent. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates a projected shortfall of 18 million health workers by 2030, so it’s crucial the UK regains control providing the right talent where it’s needed.


Almost 66.3% of healthcare recruiters say their recruiting priorities over the next 12 months have shifted. With around 112,000 vacancies at any one time within the care sector, the importance of strong and user-friendly technology and recruitment system tools is bigger than ever before. Creating unique ideas to attract and onboard talent in such times is key to healthcare recruiters’ success.


Over the years Recruitive has partnered with many Care providers who are of differing sizes and models. We partner with smaller care organisations providing care services in the community, care homes and those on a much larger scale. 


This campaign will outline the challenges faced by healthcare recruiters across the UK including candidate attraction, onboarding, the importance of supporting candidates and hiring managers and the future of recruitment technology.


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