Save Time With Our End-To-End Recruitment Software

Save Time With Our End-To-End Recruitment Software!


Time is of the essence when recruiting new candidates, especially in the attraction and onboarding stages as candidates often drop-off during these phases. Therefore, it’s crucial recruiters hire their top prospects as quickly and efficiently as possible in fear of losing out on quality talent.

As market leaders and recruitment specialists, our end-to-end recruitment solutions have been developed and refined over the past 10 years to help recruiters and HR managers attract, source, onboard and ultimately employ new recruits. 

Have a peek at some of the ways our recruitment software can help your team save huge amounts of time!


Filtering inactive users on reports

Our reporting feature allows users to report only on active applicants and ATS users, this helps managers get important information easily and on-demand.


Recruitment dashboard

Our Recruitive dashboard allows users to effortlessly move around the dashboard meaning they can go direct to the most important sections of the system via one click.


Time to hire report

With help from quick custom links to the most important parts of the ATS, users can rapidly view their “time to hire” report to give a quick indication of how their team is performing as well as export data via PDF & CSV for high-level meetings.


Multi-selector feature

Our reporting module allows comes with a multi-selector feature that enables users to access data they require quickly and create custom reports based on a multitude of metrics.



Our all-in-one Pre-Employment Checklist is one of our most popular features, giving managers the opportunity to quickly review every aspect of a candidate’s information prior to onboarding or employment.



Our integrated pre-screening feature saves time as users can view information without the need to save, add and delete each time, meaning they can quickly screen candidates before onboarding them.



First Advantage is a background checking service, where managers can check and verify candidates before they become employees. Our DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) integration also saves hiring teams tons of time when checking and verifying candidates automatically.


Job posting

Our multi-job posting feature allows users to post jobs to multiple jobs boards via one interface. HR managers, line managers and any user connected to our ATS system can quickly raise a job requisition with one click and post a standard or branded job to 500+ jobs boards and their own website, by completing a single job posting form.


Learn more about our end-to-end recruitment software solutions and extensive range of additional features and functions by taking a look at the links below.

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