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Why Multi-Job Posting Matters and How It Can Improve Your Job Visibility


Are your job adverts yielding the same results as last year? 

Posting on the same job board for years can harm your chances of finding the best candidate! Although building an established relationship with your jobs board is a great way to connect with talent, you could be at risk of losing out on hidden applicants or advertising in the wrong place, depending on the job vacancy.

Building a diverse bank of job boards that you use regularly can increase your likelihood of sourcing, onboarding, hiring skilled candidates, and staying ahead of the competition.

Learn why multi-job posting matters and how it can improve your job visibility in this article!

Let’s dive into it…


What is Multi-Job Posting?

Multi-job posting allows you to post your job vacancies to premium and free to post job boards, social media and your dedicated careers website in one submission. With the ability to access it via a third-party website or software platform, you can raise a job requisition with your business and post it quickly to the listed outlets above. 


Why is Multi-Job Posting Important?

Using a multi-job posting website or software platform can help you create a diverse sourcing pool of great job boards, social networks and career websites. This can also provide new opportunities for testing and analysing candidate sourcing tools to assist in landing skilled workers. 

Moreover, by expanding your job advertising prospects you’ll also be able to maximise your reach and target specific gaps in the market that big job boards may miss.

By picking a mixture of large and smaller, niche job boards, you can be more strategic about which audience you’re targeting, and how you speak to them!

Some more benefits of multi-job posting include:

  • Advert Management – you can track where you have posted an advert, how it’s performing, and when it is due to expire, meaning you can effectively manage your adverts and repost as required.
  • Response Tracking – you can track and manage your ROI (return on investment) by seeing which boards are producing the best results and delivering the most CV’s. This can help you make decisions as to where to place your next vacancies and allocate your budget.
  • Advert Approval – avoid mistakes associated with manual posting by ensuring all job adverts are approved by an allocated team member before being submitted.
  • Talent Pooling – you can increase your reach and ultimately improve the quality of candidates by building a diverse pool of talent from a variety of job boards.


How Multi-Job Posting Can Increase Your Visibility?

As previously mentioned investing in multi-job posting technology for your talent search can bring amazing benefits and enhance other areas of your business. Advertising on multiple job boards can increase your business’s visibility (especially with the use of advanced software such as an Applicant Tracking System!).

Equipping yourself with advanced software that allows you to manage your entire search and selection process can allow you to reap benefits such as :

  • Improving your employer branding through an ad hoc corporate image
  • Helping recruiters to better manage candidate experiences
  • Allowing for better profiling of candidates
  • Making it easier and faster for recruiters to screen CVs
  • Accessible for everyone no matter their recruiting and workplace needs. 


Where Can I Post My Jobs?

If this article has helped you make the switch to multi-job posting, here are some different ways you advertise your job vacancies.

Careers website

Your careers website can act as a hub for your job adverts, before branching out to free/paid job boards and social media. A careers website can be incorporated into your business’s main corporate website or be a stand-alone website, where available jobs and careers information can be displayed. A good careers website can also help to promote your ethos and brand identity to attract talent.

Social media

Social media is a powerful candidate attraction and job posting tool! Communicating your latest job postings through your business’s page can help you reach a wider audience and connect with passive prospects who may not be actively job searching. It’s important to do some primary research before advertising on every social media platform, as this will help you find out which platform is likely to work best for you without increasing your costs. 

Free and Paid Job boards

If you aren’t using job boards then you should add them to your list. Job boards are the ultimate providers when it comes to recruiting. You can often post jobs to multiple job boards free of charge or you can opt for paid job ads. Bear in mind, that paid job advertising is worth investing in because it has more to offer such as increased visibility, a pool of qualified candidates, advanced targeting and results tracking.

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