AI in recruitment

AI In Recruitment


Artificial intelligence (commonly known as AI) and data-driven software platforms are rapidly reshaping the way businesses operate. AI applications are designed to streamline, and automate some parts of the recruiting workflow or repetitive high-volume tasks.

When applied correctly, these technologies have the power to speed up the most mundane tasks whilst freeing up workers to devote more time to higher-value activities. 

Some popular AI implementations include intelligent screening software that automates resume screening, recruiter chatbots that engage candidates in real-time, and digitised interviews that help assess a candidate’s fit.

These features allow recruiters to become more proactive in their hiring, help determine a candidate’s culture fit, and improve their relationships with hiring managers by using data to measure KPIs such as quality of hire.

Let’s see how AI will help recruiters in the future…


Candidate Attraction

A diverse and inclusive workforce has significant benefits and tangible returns. In fact, 2 out of 3 job seekers see diversity as a core influencer on whether they apply for a role! With this in mind, more and more millennial employees and younger prospects are typically prioritising culture and inclusion over other traditional considerations.

Organisations should invest in AI-assisted recruitment platforms that source candidates from a variety of different backgrounds and ethnicities. Diversity is more than race, ethnicity and gender, well-designed tools can help organisations identify qualified candidates with non-traditional career paths and a demonstrated ability to acquire new skills.



Candidates are looking for a new level of personalisation within the recruitment process to influence their decision-making. AI recruitment platforms can provide an abundance of opportunities when it comes to building this engagement, such as virtual tools and personalised videos from team members. This also frees up the recruiter’s time to cultivate top talent and focus on building important relationships with candidates.

Technology that streamlines all the busy work involved in candidate engagement, and understands human-only tasks can allow everything else to be automated.


Long-term Value

Shifting the focus away from short-term recruiting metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs) to measuring long-term business value, is vital for businesses looking to build longer-term value in their workforce. 

AI allows HR leaders to question the long-term value of the current recruitment processes such as “How are hires doing one year later? How long does it take for a new hire to become productive? Are diverse new hires staying and advancing?” 

With automated technology it can become very possible to crush your recruiting KPIs every month and still add value to your recruiting team and the business.



It is no secret the recruitment sector will become more reliant on AI tools and move away from traditional platforms leading to greater fulfilment, but also cause many to re-evaluate their careers while recruiters re-evaluate their strategies.

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