Everything You Need To Know About Digital IDs

Everything You Need To Know About Digital IDs


The UK Government is introducing a new set of standards to support the Right to Work and criminal record checks being done digitally. These standards will protect businesses by ensuring the people you hire are who they say they are. 

Digital identity providers will be required to go through an accreditation process. By using an accredited provider, you as an employer can be assured that the processes in place are robust, and protect your business.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring what Digital IDs mean for your organisation and how they affect DBS and Right to Work checks.


Digital IDs can save your HR team huge amounts of time, effort and money. Instead of spending days trying to manually chase and gather unverified documentation, candidates will be able to have pre-employment checks verified online, within minutes. This reduction in admin can also lead to an improvement in candidate experience and job satisfaction for your team and hiring managers.

In addition, Digital IDs will increase security and lower risk by reducing the chance of Right to Work checks being incorrect which could bring big risk to your business. These new standards will enable secure pre-employment checks and provide assurances that you take these risks seriously.

Candidates expect a fully digital process and the ability to engage with your organisation. Regardless of what your organisation chooses to do, this framework is not going away and if you’re not a part of the digital ecosystem it could result in you losing out on talented candidates.


How does this impact DBS and Right to Work checks?


From April, Digital DBS checks can only be completed using a certified software provider. A number of identity providers are currently going through the process of certification. By using a certified provider, DBS will know that your business is meeting the required digital identity standards.

Right to Work

From September, the option for your business will be to either go back to meeting candidates face-to-face to check documents, or use a certified digital identity provider. The home office has advised that organisations should start to consider this now, to ensure they build the right infrastructure in time. 



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