5 Reasons Why You Should Drop the Agency and Recruit for Yourself.

Recruitive has the tools to help your organisation reap the benefits of direct recruitment so here are 5 excellent reasons why you should drop the agency and recruit in-house

The argument goes that recruitment is far too complicated, expensive and time consuming so isn’t it simply easier to hand it all over to a recruitment agency to do the heavy lifting? That may be true if you’re a small enterprise and don’t have the capacity to do it yourself but, if you are an ambitious company that takes its recruitment seriously then you should consider direct recruitment. Too complicated, expensive and time consuming? Not when you have access to the range of services Recruitive has to offer. Is it time for you to consider dropping the agency? Here are five reasons why you should:

1. Cost

Let’s tackle this one first, it’s the most obvious. Every time you run a recruitment exercise the agency you use has got its hand in your pocket. If you are a large and growing company you may be running more than one exercise a year to fill several vacancies. If you are a multinational you could be using several agencies in several countries. These figures start to add up to quite a considerable outlay. It doesn’t have to be this way; if you decided to set up your own recruitment team you could cut out this unnecessary cost.

Recruitive offers access to the most advanced recruitment software available anywhere and will build to your specification a cutting edge recruitment website that will help you attract, engage and bring on board the best candidates for the positions you are offering.

2. Brand Awareness

The importance of growing your brand should never be underestimated. A strong brand is the difference between the haves and the have nots. It is the signifier of your success when you become the brand that everyone thinks of, or refers to, when discussing your industry. You should consider this when it comes to recruitment too. If you use an agency then they are the centre of the conversation because they are offering the job; direct recruitment means that you are offering the job so the attention of the candidate is focused entirely on you. Every time you release an advertisement for a position in your organisation you are bringing attention to your brand – you are putting yourself in front of your competitors and letting them know you are a growing force in your industry and you are the centre of conversation.

Your Recruitive website carries your brand and, as you will be consulted throughout the design process, it will be built to properly represent and promote your brand online.

3. Centralising Recruitment

When you are employing an agency to handle your recruitment campaigns you are giving up control over them. You have to call them for updates, you have to trust them to run it the way you want it to be run and you let them decide who you get to meet for an interview. Wouldn’t it be better if you took control of your own recruitment? It would certainly be easier to communicate between departments than it would to keep having to compete for the attention of the agency with the couple of hundred other clients on their books. It would be more satisfying to know your campaign is run the way you want and the image presented is the image you want candidates to see.

Recruitive helps you keep on top of your campaign and keeps everyone in the loop with our industry leading cloud based Applicant Tracking Software.

4. Building Your Own Talent Pool

This is a big reason to take control of your own recruitment. You have a vacancy for a new member of your team and there is a whole raft of applicants. Not all of them will be suitable for your firm at all and you’ll discard them; others will be worth consideration so you form a shortlist. Eventually you will settle on the one person who ticks every box and you offer them the job but, what happens to the rest of your shortlist? If an agency is running your campaign they will be considered for posts elsewhere and they will be lost to you.  After all, they may not be entirely suitable for the position you offer in January, but they may be perfect for the one in July!

With Recruitive’s Applicant Tracking Software you can add these valuable future assets to a talent pool that you will have access to when more vacancies arise.

5. Nobody Takes Care of Your Business Like You

This is referring back to point 3 – being in control of your own recruitment – because the only people who care about your company are your people. The recruitment agency, while working on your behalf, cares only about its own bottom line. Yes, they are intent on making sure you get the right candidate for the job but only because they want your money and to keep their reputation intact.

Let Recruitive help you take control of your recruitment drives and run them the way you want them to be run and properly present the image your company wants to convey.

With fast, secure, easily managed and responsive bespoke recruitment website designed and built specifically for your requirements, industry leading Applicant Tracking Software seamlessly integrating with an unbeatable Onboarding system, Recruitive provides you with the tools necessary to move on from the recruitment agents and take back control of your search for new talent.

Contact us for a detailed discussion as to how we can utilise our online recruitment software and recruitment expertise to change your current recruitment processes to a direct hiring model.