Following the announcement that Recruitive has been approved for G-Cloud 11 status, we take a look at the benefits for both Recruitive and the public service departments of the UK Government

It has been long recognised that the wheels of government turn slowly. Procedures have to be followed, boxes have to be ticked, i’s dotted and t’s crossed; a place for everything and everything in its place etc. In days gone by the procurement process would have been a long winded affair with various approvals required, going up the chain. The final approval would not be a universal one; if you wanted to interact with another department then the whole procurement approval process would have to start again from scratch.

This is all in the past, thankfully. Now, with the government frameworks in place since 2012, procurement across the public service departments is a much quicker and simpler process. Suppliers are now pre-approved and available to any department, as and when their services are required on a pay as you go basis. They list those services on a publicly accessible portal known as the Digital Marketplace. These frameworks for easing procurement of commodity information technology services that use cloud computing are known as G-Cloud.

The G-Cloud framework is an agreement between the government and suppliers who provide cloud-based services. G-Cloud services are divided into 3 categories, or ‘lots’:

  • cloud hosting, for example content delivery networks or load balancing services
  • cloud software, for example accounting tools or customer service management software
  • cloud support, for example migration services or ongoing support


Recruitive has been accepted as a supplier for the Government’s latest G-Cloud Framework: G-Cloud 11 and is now in a position to supply the public sector with our industry-leading cloud based ATS Recruitment Software, part of our end-to-end recruitment solutions array.

This is a big deal; the UK Government spends a sizeable chunk of change on recruitment every year to keep the civil service operating. By making use of the recruitment software we have designed and built they are getting access to the most advanced kit available and, by using our software, streamlining their recruitment process thus saving a great deal of time and money on every recruitment exercise they embark on.

Recruitive benefits from this new and very significant income source, obviously, but it goes further than that. Getting that G-Cloud 11 acceptance is like a stamp of approval from the biggest organisation in the country: the UK Government. Potential customers see that and think “well, if it’s good enough for them…”

Along with the UK Government some of the largest and most recognisable corporate organisations have been attracted to the Recruitive range of services. Recruitive offer End to End Recruitment Solutions including ATS Software, Cloud Based Recruitment Software, Onboarding Software, Careers Websites, Ongoing Support and Search Engine Optimisation Support and Marketing Services.

Call Recruitive today for a consultation and discover how our end-to-end recruitment solution can streamline your recruitment campaigns, saving you time and money and putting you one step ahead of the competition.