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Did you know job seekers rank social, professional networks and in-house career websites as the most useful job search resource compared to job boards, sponsored job ads, recruiting agencies, and recruiting events?

However, with that being said in-house recruiters often face key challenges or problems when looking for a new potential candidate: time management, keeping their CRM and/or candidate database up to date, getting feedback from hiring managers, and candidate and process control, to name a few.

In this blog, we aim to help in-house recruiters with three of the challenges listed above. Read on to find out our three best recruiting tips for in-house recruiters…


Qualify your work

At any one time, you will have multiple vacancies on your job sheet, therefore it’s important that you prioritise them in terms of urgency and importance. Prioritising your workload and roles will reduce your time to hire, and increase the number of direct placements made. Here are some qualifying questions that will help you to prioritise roles:

  • What is the date they need this person in position by?
  • Have they written/provided a full job description and person specification?
  • Are they prepared to book provisional interview slots into their diary or interview at short notice?
  • Has this position been signed off by their business partner(s)?

The answers to these questions will provide you with a pretty good idea if they are ready to hire now or whether you should hold off. For more information about how you can reduce your time and cost to hire, see our end-to-end recruitment and ATS solutions.


Trust your recruitment suppliers

Being an in-house recruiter may require multiple workloads and duties, and you will have times where several line managers will brief you at the same time, and as a result, you will require external support.

Taking the time to get to know your suppliers will pay you dividends at every stage of the process in the long run, building trusting relationships with key suppliers. There needs to be a flow of open and honest communication as they begin to identify talent, qualify them, and ultimately fill the vacancies.


Effective administration

Admin is arguably the most important step when hiring new team members, if companies didn’t get the admin right then the industry would grind to a halt!

One of the key objectives for in-house recruiters is to provide a great candidate experience from the start to the finish. However, due to large workloads simple tasks can often be overlooked resulting in either poor communication or an overall disheartening experience. For example, have you briefed your candidates before the interview? Do they have all the information they need to present themselves well? And do you always give constructive and timely feedback post-interview – positive OR negative?

To reduce the chance of a negative experience from happening try delegating some of the administration tasks to other members of your team, even if this means that you need to train them for an hour or so, it will be a worthwhile investment in the end.


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