Care in Lincs

CareInLincs, the new website dedicated to recruitment in the Lincolnshire care sector, launches this week

It is no exaggeration to say that the care sector in the UK is huge. There are some 1.5 million care workers doing their best to bring comfort into the lives of those that need it. It is not an easy job though and with a growing requirement for care hiring and retaining the best talent is a challenge for any organisation.

This is just as true for Lincolnshire as it is for the wider country. Lincolnshire is a big and populous county; with a considerable amount of vacancies at any one time, it is comforting to know there is a new website launching this week that has taken the side organisations and will help them to recruit the numbers they need.

CareInLincs is a project started by people who know the care sector and have spent a number of years working in the industry in Lincolnshire. They know the problems of recruiting and retaining talent.

CareInLincs is a recruitment website that allows organisations within the Care Sector in Lincolnshire to advertise the work they do and post their current vacancies which are posted on the jobs board and also forwarded to Google Jobs which allows potential candidates to see jobs based on their geographical area. The site also provides support and advice to candidates and anyone else working in the care industry in Lincolnshire.

The word about this project is already causing a stir among care organisations in Lincolnshire and clients were asking how to sign up even before the website went live. They are excited by the chance to have access to their own recruitment portal, allowing them to recruit a whole new group of care professionals who will really make a difference to the lives of the most vulnerable in society.

CareInLincs is also an opportunity to show the younger generation that caring is a career opportunity. They can learn that a care professional makes a difference to the lives of people of all ages, from birth onwards. They may have any number of physical or mental challenges to overcome and the amount of help they need varies from person to person. The demands vary as do the situations that carers find themselves working in; whether it be residential care, day care, own home care or community care. The employers can demonstrate the jobs they offer, excellent pay and working conditions along with career advancement opportunities. They are perfect for the young who provide energy and enthusiasm.


For your chance to advance the cause of caring in Lincolnshire and to find the staff members you need, contact Care in Lincs today.


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