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Common Myths About Multi-Job Posting Software


Technological advancements are happening across all sectors from education to healthcare and everything in between. Recruitment has also seen its fair share of new technology and procedures including hiring software, candidate management systems and employee retention methods.

Multi-job posting software solutions have become popular for recruiters and hiring managers looking to streamline their hiring process and increase their candidate pool. With the rise of remote work and the increasing demand for talent, it’s no surprise that these platforms have become a popular solution for businesses of all sizes.

This software allows recruiters to post job vacancies on premium and free job boards, social media or their careers website via one submission. This saves vast amounts of time in administration and alleviates recruiters’ workloads, reducing stress and improving workplace positivity. 

However, with the rise of any popular tool comes a number of myths and misconceptions. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the most common myths about multi-job posting software, and separate fact from fiction. Whether you’re a seasoned recruiter or just getting started in the industry, understanding these myths can help you make better decisions about the tools you use to attract top talent. So let’s dive in and explore the truth behind multi-job posting software!


Myth 1: All multi-job posting software is the same

The phrase ‘one size fits all’ isn’t always true with multi-job posting software. Every software is different from others concerning features and functionalities and therefore, finding software that suits your recruitment needs and supports your recruiter’s workload can take time and should be procured correctly. 

Myth 2: Multi-job posting software only posts jobs vacancies

It’s true a multi-job posting software’s main function is posting multiple jobs to a variety of platforms via one submission. However, they can also offer features including; response tracking, quota management, advert management, response reporting, advert approval and database integrations. This helps your team effectively post, manage and report on all job posting activities and scale your job postings depending on performance.

Myth 3: Multi-job posting lacks personalisation

Personalisation is crucial when posting jobs to multiple platforms, whilst one advert may perform well on social media another may attract more candidates via a premium jobs board. Although multi-job posting software is mainly automated, you can track which boards are producing the best results and the most CV’s to manage your return on investment and help make decisions as to where to place your next vacancies.

Myth 4: Small businesses can’t use multi-job posting software 

Most software is suitable for small, medium, or large organisations and can be configured to meet individual business needs. They can be carefully developed to accommodate your needs using the direct experience of employers and recruiters.

Myth 5: Multi-job posting software is not secure

Our multi-job posting software includes the following security and data protection features: single sign-on, data encryption in transit, data encryption at rest, SSL certificates, OTP verification, server firewalls, SQL Enterprise Servers, audited communication, IP verification, user tracking and audits, secure back-ups, anti virus software on servers

Myth 6: It’s hard to integrate multi-job posting software with other applications

Our multi-job posting software is designed to quickly integrate with most HR systems, either using their API (Application Programming Interface) or via a CSV. Export of new starter data. What’s more, the system integrates effortlessly into your corporate website meaning every time you post a job advert it will appear on your corporate website, and the CVs that arrive will be available immediately. Other integrations include HRMS and video interviewing tools along with many other tools/platforms on the market. 


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