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Has The Candidate Market Changed?


The candidate market is thinking and engaging differently as a result of the past 18 months and employers need to catch up with candidates’ mindsets if they want to hire the best talent.

The UK economy is slowly starting to bounce back and the number of jobs advertised is increasing. Employers need to consider how their actions are reciprocated by candidates and how they’re using their job advertising tools to attract the right prospects.

Candidates are looking for organisations that are willing to change and match their needs, so let’s take a look at how the candidate market has changed.



COVID has taught candidates the importance of loyalty, realising the efforts employers have gone to and continue to do throughout the pandemic period. Being able to work from home, being able to pay your rent because your employer has kept you on, being able to renegotiate your work arrangements moving forward – are just some of the ways in which employer/employee loyalty is fostered. People are feeling a stronger sense of loyalty to their employer and don’t want to repay that loyalty by leaving.



With uncertainty on the horizon of future outbreaks candidates’ minds have become uncertain and sometimes quite anxious about their futures. A common coping mechanism when we are confused, anxious or uncertain is to minimise change and stay with what we know. This change is leading to candidates becoming pickier when it comes to finding a new job role and employers are having to compete against other organisations to win over the hearts of their prospects.



Our idea of a successful life has changed, we’ve realised that success is not just about what job we have, how much we earn or how many cars we’ve accumulated. We’ve learned that exhausting ourselves in the pursuit of a socially imposed set of success markers doesn’t always make us feel more successful and emotionally healthy overall. 



Retaining the attention of potential candidates starts with the hiring process. The process must be tailored to employees’ new drive for a more remote and digitised experience while ensuring clear and consistent communication. To do this, recruiters need to make the most of digital platforms, using them in conjunction with more conventional hiring practices to provide the smoothest recruitment and onboarding experience possible.


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