How Can Technology Improve Candidate Attraction

How Can Technology Improve Candidate Attraction


Is your team using the right tech to best shape your hiring process and help you find the right people to join your organisation? Data and technology are increasingly playing a big role in recruitment. Here are five things to look at to ensure your recruitment tech is improving your candidate attraction.


Career Website

Do you have a careers website? How long is it since you reviewed your career’s website content management system? Making sure your CMS is up to date can help you post the kind of rich, engaging mobile-responsive content that can support your talent attraction even more than your competitors.


Social Media

Social media can amplify your employer brand and your talent attraction. There are a number of highly useful systems available to help you automate your social media. They can help you schedule posts, gather content and provide social listening data, however, it’s important to make sure whatever you share adds value to your page or profile.


Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system allows you to track all correspondence from jobs boards and your careers website, assisting in your response, filling vacancies quickly and efficiently.  The software supports you from the early stages of requisition through to onboarding, creating a seamless recruitment journey for all stakeholders. These features allow you to offer candidates support from the very start of your hiring process and continue to develop professional relationships far into the future.



Keeping your HR team, department managers, hiring managers and senior team in the loop regarding the progress of a recruitment drive can be complicated. It can lead to confusing or simply incorrect information going out to candidates and damaging your employer brand.


Using an internal system helps give everyone a chance to collaborate and can help to agree quickly on such things as job descriptions, job specifications, timetables, and offers.


Video Interviewing

Candidates know their time is precious so they appreciate it when employers offer a video interviewing alternative for those preferring to work from home or with busy schedules. What’s more, it gives you chance to “see” a candidate and their body language, to get an early idea of their personality and attitudes. Recording the interviews allows for the recording to be shared with others involved in the hiring process, to help make collaborative decisions. 


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