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How Career Websites Can Help Build A Skilled Workforce


Career websites play a crucial role in helping local councils build a skilled workforce. These online platforms provide job seekers access to a wide range of job opportunities, allowing them to search for and apply for positions that match their skills and qualifications. By leveraging the power of career websites, councils can reach a large pool of potential employees and identify the best candidates for the job. 

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using career websites for councils looking to build a skilled workforce and the key features that make these websites an effective tool for recruitment and talent management.


What is a careers website?

Career Websites can be incorporated into your organisation’s main corporate website or stand-alone website. They are designed so organisations or employers can post their available jobs to an active candidate pool. Candidates can then review and apply to positions that are of interest to them in one place, rather than searching multiple careers pages. Plus, career websites can often include a job area where candidates can view additional information and media specifically designed to help them find the most suitable job.


Benefits of using a careers website

Branded career websites can deliver a multitude of recruitment advantages including cost, efficiency and internal mobility. What’s more, by building your own corporate careers website you will be able to monitor job adverts and reduce your time to hire by tracking job postings and application activity effectively.

A successful careers website can also help project a consistent brand message to job seekers, this is especially important in a now competitive candidate driven market as individuals become increasingly particular about who they work for. Moreover, as candidates crave more information about your organisation and your work culture to make informed decisions your career website can act as a creative hub for visitors. 

Finally, a careers website will give you the opportunity to save high profile or attractive CV’s to build a database or pre-screened candidates for future use. Being able to build a established talent pool can in turn reduce your cost and time per hire. On top of this, with the use of website metrics you can also monitor candidate interactions from page views and popular search queries which can further help you refine your website.


How to build a careers website to attract candidates


Consider your organisations USP’s

When trying to attract top talent you’ll need to make it super clear what your organisation does, your brand values and ethos, your work culture and why organisation is the best to work for! These factors help candidates decide if they are a suitable match for your organisation and if your job vacancy meets their needs.


Decide how you want to present your job adverts

How you present your job postings can hugely impact your application rate and click-through rate on your website. You’ll want to make sure your job adverts have all the vital information that candidates need to make the best judgement for example a detail job description, employee testimonials, media packs detailing employee benefits and any development opportunities. 


Acknowledge your target audience at all times

It is important to engage your ideal talent cohort when building your careers website. Once you have identified your ideal candidate, make sure that the careers site is both attractive to them, and meets their needs as a user. By targeting your website content to your audience you will be able increase your ROI and decrease your time and cost to hire.


How we can help

Attract the right talent with ease by partnering with us. Our cutting-edge recruitment technology, combining an alluring website with compelling content, will make your hiring process more efficient and candidate-friendly. Our multi-job posting tools and media buying capabilities are designed to help you source the best candidates.

Maximize your reach with a custom career website tailored to reflect your brand and seamlessly integrated with your ATS for effortless job advertising and application management. Our websites are secure, mobile-friendly, and GDPR compliant, with robust SEO tools, marketing features, job distribution services, social media integration, and seamless integration with Google Jobs and other top job boards. And with our user-friendly CMS and comprehensive training and support, you’ll be able to elevate your talent search effortlessly.

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