How Digital Technology Can Boost Your Recruitment

How Digital Technology Can Boost Your Recruitment


Traditional forms of recruiting are becoming redundant as younger generations and tech-savvy candidates opt to use more digital technology. This shift should not be ignored by employers or recruiters if they want to attract and hire skilled workers. Although many organisations are starting adapting to new ways of working there’s still a long way to go to create a harmonious recruitment environment for those involved.

In short, to stand out in a highly competitive labor market and attract the right candidates adapting the following technologies can help…


Applicant Tracking Software

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application that enables the electronic handling of recruitment requirements. They can be implemented or accessed online for small, medium or large businesses, depending on the needs of the company.

Our ATS system has been developed and evolved over many years, from the direct experience of employers and recruiters around the world. It covers everything your recruitment team could require from candidate sourcing, talent pooling, shortlisting, vacancy management, video interviewing, onboarding and reporting – a complete end-to-end recruitment solution!

Uniquely design for you, it utilises our specialist modules and only includes exactly what you need. Our end-to-end recruitment services are scalable to accommodate your own unique requirements and any plans for growth or evolution. Our software can be customised to meet the demands and processes of the health and social care sector.


Talent Pool Building

For every successful application, you may have received several others from great candidates. Although these may not have been suitable to hire at the time for a variety of reasons, a talent pool allows you to keep a record of these potential candidates to utilise in the future. This talent pool can the become a database which allows you to keep a record of the best talent, giving you the ability to hire more competitively in the future.


Career Websites

Attracting the right candidate is a balance between having a great-looking and engaging website with good quality content. Whilst also including the very latest, candidate-friendly, efficient recruitment technology including multi-job posting tools and media buying features.

Our career & recruitment websites and job boards can be incorporated into your company’s main corporate website or be a stand-alone website, where available jobs and careers information are displayed. Career & recruitment websites and job boards can feature a job area, as well as additional information & media designed to attract potential candidates.

Branded websites and job boards can deliver a multitude of recruitment advantages including cost, efficiency and internal mobility. Our websites are designed to reflect your organisation’s branding and to be connected to your ATS system to allow quick job advertising and application management functionality.

All our career & recruitment websites and job boards are secure, mobile compatible and GDPR compatible with complete search engine optimisation tools, marketing activities, job distribution services, social media connection and integration with Google Jobs or other third-party jobs boards. With easy-to-update content management systems and full training/support provided, you’ll be able to boost your talent search in no time!


Candidate Onboarding & Retention Tools

Candidate onboarding systems can allow you to post jobs, manage applications and schedule interviews, converting your candidates to employees quickly and effectively. Such system are designed to provide a positive experience for your future employees and retain staff for the future. In fact, it has been found that an effective onboarding process can increase employee retention by 25%!

Our system allows you to create your own, bespoke onboarding documents, and manage how documents are completed, regulated/tracked during the candidate onboarding process. The documents can take the form of bespoke employment contracts, diversity and equality policies, medical screening forms and welcome packs, etc.

As well as overall document management you can also track the individual documents that you will need to get the employee started, such as driving license details, passport details, Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks and National Insurance numbers. This exclusive document management technology allows your candidate to be able to comprehensively understand your organisation before they join and have all the documentation needed before they start.


We also offer a range of additional aftercare services  with the launch of all our products. Find out more here. Do you have any other questions regarding our applicant tracking software?  Check out our ATS FAQ’s page here.

Please complete our contact form for a no-obligation discussion and/or consultation. You can also  download our brochures here .

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