ICTS (UK) Limited Launches New ATS System

ICTS (UK) Limited Launches New ATS System


ICTS (UK) has recently launched a new applicant tracking software system with help from end-to-end recruitment specialists, Recruitive, to help job seekers find quality employment opportunities.

ICTS serves more than 120 private and public sector organisations across the UK and Ireland. Their operations are extensive and diverse; ranging from a one-person security operation for luxury boutiques to a thousand-strong team working for multi-national organisations.

From the protection of financial institutions to critical national infrastructure, airports to hospitals, ICTS has the experience, resources and knowledge to offer a complete security solution.


After enquiring about Recruitive’s chat function in 2020, ICT (UK) wanted to seek a specialist ATS recruitment module to handle all their recruitment needs. Following additional meetings and proposals, Recruitive was found to be closely aligned with ICTS’s requirements, resulting in being shortlisted to take forward to the board.

After the pandemic, the project started to progress forward with numerous online meetings and additional system demos to other stakeholders within the business. Modules and services implemented include external careers website, candidates and hiring manager data, Google integration, interview scheduling, custom alerts, enhanced onboarding, eSignature integration and an equality/diversity module.


Recruitive’s careers websites have a simple but feature-rich content management system so that staff can post updates and manage their website content with ease, attracting the best candidates and projecting a positive image of their company.

What’s more, the applicant tracking system allows HR professionals to track all correspondence from jobs boards and their careers websites, assisting in their response and filling vacancies quickly & efficiently. The software supports the team from the early stages of requisition through to onboarding and retention, creating a seamless recruitment journey for all stakeholders.


Sales and Marketing Manager, Steven Day: We initially engaged with ICTS via the chat facility on our website. ICTS went to the market in October 2020, when they had actively started to investigate recruitment software. A Google search took them to our website. The most important aspect of an ATS system was the ability to integrate with third-party systems. They were also very interested in our careers website design services. Following changes to their business and internal staff changes, we engaged with them again in October 2021 and they placed their order towards the end of 2021.


View their careers website, here

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