As organisations grow, they will need a Human Resources Department to make everything run smoothly, this is how you go about setting one up


Do you remember the early days when you were just starting out? Back then it was just you steering the ship and everything was easy because there were so few members of staff to deal with. Now, though, you are a victim of your own success as your company sees business boom and profits soar, it is time to expand.

As your company grows there are far too many plates to keep spinning on your own so perhaps it is time to set up your own Human Resources Department, but where do you start?

You could reassign members of your current team but it would be much better if you look outside the company for people who have experience in Human Resources, it will make everything easier if you are not working things out as you go along. You need to decide just how much work is involved and how many people are going to be needed to perform the tasks necessary for the department to run smoothly. You must work out what their salary needs to be and, therefore, how much (or how many) you can afford.

This is ironic because, once you have got the people in to perform the HR duties, their first task as a HR department will be to create a staffing plan. They will be overseeing the necessary expansion of the company in terms of staffing and they will need to know how many people your company needs and judge that in terms of how many the company can afford.

To help them decide who they need they will create job profiles for every position in the company. These profiles will outline what is needed to do the job in terms of responsibilities, the skills/qualifications/experience required, the personality types and where they will sit in the company hierarchy.

The next task is recruitment. They will need to set up a recruitment system by deciding what tools they will use. How are they going to attract the right people for the vacancies that have arisen? You may already have an online presence, but this will require a whole new recruitment website with the kind of advanced recruitment software that will make the HR Department’s job a whole lot easier. That is why so many businesses turn to Recruitive for their website: you cannot get more advanced recruitment software on the market today – or tomorrow!

The next part is also played on Recruitive’s home court: an applicant tracking system. The excellent career opportunities you are going to be offering will prove popular and you could be buried up to the neck in applications. You need to be able to sift through, matching candidates to the job profiles you worked out two paragraphs ago. Once you have whittled them down to an acceptable shortlist of capable candidates, HR need to keep in touch with them along with every other stakeholder in the recruitment drive: upper management and heads of the departments looking to expand.

Again, Recruitive has you covered. We provide the most advanced, cutting-edge Applicant Tracking System and onboarding technology available. It contains everything you could possibly need to stay on top and in control of your recruitment.

Now you have all the people you need (for now), the responsibilities of the HR Department don’t stop there. They oversee employee management. Time is your company’s most valuable commodity and HR controls time. They track the time that your employees are at work: the time they arrive, the time they take for breaks and the time they leave. They process and advise upon time off requests and balance staff holidays so there is always at least a minimum of staffing required to keep the operation flowing smoothly and without interruption.

On top of that there are performance reviews to organise to ensure not only is everyone performing their duties to their best ability, they are also getting the proper recognition for their efforts. A whole host of communication forms need to be thought up, printed, inventoried and tracked to cover every eventuality. Where would we be without a form for everything?

Eventually there comes a time when every employee will leave, whether they want to or not. Therefore, a system needs to be put in place that will be set in motion when the tenure of an employee ends to manage the transition. Then the question needs to be asked whether the department will be reshaped to meet its requirements, or a replacement sought. If it is decided that a replacement is needed, Recruitive’s software will serve you well once again.

The Human Resources Department is there to plan a path every employee takes from the beginning to the end of their employment period with the company. It finds them, brings them onboard and keeps them on a true course before waving them off at the end of their voyage. A great deal of the heavy lifting that HR need to undertake can be relieved with help from the range of Recruitive software solutions.


Contact Recruitive today and let us show you how life in the HR Department can be made simpler.