National Conversation Week When Recruiting

National Conversation Week When Recruiting


#NationalConversationWeek is all about the simple art of simply talking to each other. Our communities have become exposed to a constant “always on” mindset, resulting in human conversation getting lost inbetween the hustle and bustle of daily life.

This week we’re encouraging everyone in the UK to spend the week trying a little bit harder to engage with those around them be they a friend, colleague, or potential employer.

Asking questions is incredibly important, as questions help us to develop deeper knowledge and boost confidence, the exchange of ideas and fuels innovation. Whether its questions about your job progression, when your next interview is or any other subject, it’s essential to ask more questions – and most importantly, tackling the widespread fear around asking what they deem to be ‘silly questions’.

So, next time there’s a question on the tip of your tongue, go ahead and ask it.


How Can Our Solutions Help?

Having clear conversations is vital during your recruitment process so it’s important your infrastructure is strong and versatile, allowing you to stay in touch with all your stakeholders at the same time.

There are three key stakeholders involved in any recruitment process, these include; candidates, hiring managers and recruiters. All three of these stakeholders need to be communicated with throughout the recruitment process:

  • Candidates need to know what is happening during their application as developing a positive candidate experience is key.
  • Hiring Manager needs to be kept informed throughout the recruitment process. Is their role advertised? Is there a shortlist? When are the interviews?
  • Recruiters need to communicate with both the Hiring Managers and Candidates as applications will need be reviewed and shortlisted.

Communication between all three of these parties needs to be two way, efficient and auditable. Multiple communication methods can be used such as, Email, SMS, Events, and our Candidate Portal.


Benefits Of Using Our Solution

Candidate: Our solution allows you to stay in touch with your candidates at all times during the process. Communicating within a timely manner can result in your team beating the competition and hiring the best talent in the market.

Hiring Manager: Hiring manager’s can also be kept informed of what is happening with the recruitment of their role and when. This will ensure they are fully involved in the recruitment process resulting in a quicker hire and minimal impact on the hiring manager.

Recruiter: Recruiters are at the centre of the recruitment process and our communication solutions allow them to keep all other stakeholders informed and on track during the recruitment process, which keeps candidates happy and reduces stress on hiring managers.

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