Stephen Austin Launches New ATS System Upgrades

Stephen Austin Launches New ATS System Upgrades


Stephen Austin has recently launched a new batch of applicant tracking software upgrades with help from end-to-end recruitment specialists, Recruitive, to help their recruitment team hire more effectively and reduce the time to hire.

Stephen Austin provides world-class security printing, packaging and distribution of high-stakes national and professional examinations. Working with customers worldwide, they distribute over one hundred million assessments to more than one hundred and fifty countries every year. Their solution includes all services, products and software systems required to successfully administer high-stakes examinations.


After renewing in January 2022, Stephen Austin considered upgrading their original applicant tracking software to Recruitive’s latest systems and services. Following a software demo, it was agreed that upgrading to the latest platform would solve Stephen Austin’s recruitment concerns and improve their overall recruitment process.

The following services and modules have been implemented; careers website, candidate and hiring manager data, recruitment agency portal, interview & assessment day scheduling, MS Teams or Zoom integration, Google maps integration, enhanced onboarding module, eSignature integration, customised alerts, eSignature integration and equality/diversity module.


Recruitive’s careers websites have a simple but feature-rich content management system so that staff can post updates and manage their website content with ease, attracting the best candidates and projecting a positive image of their company.

What’s more, the applicant tracking system allows HR professionals to track all correspondence from jobs boards and their careers websites, assisting in their response and filling vacancies quickly & efficiently. The software supports the team from the early stages of requisition through to onboarding and retention, creating a seamless recruitment journey for all stakeholders.


Sales and Marketing Manager, Steven Day: Stephen Austin has been a client of ours for a number of years, using a straightforward version of our ATS. As their business changed, their ATS didn’t perform some of the day-to-day actions that their recruitment processes needed. As we are always in direct contact with all of our clients and offer recruitment consultations, we quickly established that a new solution needed to be implemented. We also showed them the benefits of having a fully integrated careers website. Following a number of meetings, we were able to upgrade them to our latest ATS system with a great new careers website.


View their careers website, here.

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