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A great workforce and productive HR department can be a business’s greatest asset and essential for success. HR departments and managing directors have to find the best hires, develop and retain talent, and keep the entire workforce informed about regulatory changes. All of these duties have one thing in common: Effective communication!


The ability to speak to every team member and department is crucial for a positive human resources ecosystem. With the rise of video call platforms such as Zoom during 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and remote working, they have now become an important part of everyday working life.


Here are our top 6 reasons why your business should consider Zoom integration with your ATS (applicant tracking system).


Widening your talent pool

Traditional business models are now extinct, often being replaced with remote and flexible working strategies. Video conferencing and Zoom integration expand your pool of potential talent from thousands to millions of people to billions as you’re able to access the best designers, HR managers and sales consultants from around the world.


Having a wide reach combined with the ability to offer any potential candidate the possibility of having a job from home – significantly increases your chances of finding the most talented individuals.


Increased flexibility

With handy features such as instant links to meetings, Zoom integration means you can start a meeting via Zoom chat with your team with just one click. What’s more, thanks to Zoom’s cool scheduling tools, arranging multiple meetings has become less of a logistical nightmare and more a seamless and stress-free pleasure.


All this allows HR managers and directors to easily set up video interviews for potential job candidates at home, the office or even a coffee shop! Gone are the days of long travel delays or mind-numbing train journeys, Zoom allows you to conduct interviews in complete comfort.


Simple internal communication

Zoom’s video webinars can make large-scale training a breeze, with the ability to divide people into groups for team-building exercises and other projects. In addition, Zoom’s chat function is great for quick messages and opinions that don’t require a meeting. 


Share information quickly

We understand that HR departments have to keep the organisation up-to-date on industry standards and regulations, ensuring that everyone “gets the memo”. Zoom integration allows candidates to ask questions and share information with HR departments.


Strengthen your team

Good talent allows for good results meaning a talented group of individuals when given the correct communication platform such as Zoom can create great results and tackle projects head-on.


With video communication combined with a focused team composed of individuals from different corners of the world can build cohesion. Face-to-face meeting via Zoom with colleagues makes a significant difference. It can positively impact the group’s dynamic and allow for more fluid communication.


Bandwidth capabilities 

Suffering from bandwidth limitations can result in a lengthy onboarding process with poor video calls and slow chat rooms. Zoom modifies the way HR departments and potential candidates communicate with initiative technology and online support, allowing for smooth training sessions and chats. 


In conclusion, video conference platforms such as Zoom are essential to any HR department. Zoom is seamlessly integrated, as standard, into the interview scheduling area of our applicant tracking software, allowing you to arrange virtual interviews quickly and conveniently, into the interview processes of your business.


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