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Creating career websites is something most HR professionals and recruiters have on their ever-expanding to-do lists, but with dramatic shifts in the HR sector during 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and remote working (not to mention the constantly evolving digital landscape) it can be tricky to know where to start.

What’s more, with the HR profession completely shifting its focus, recruiters’ everyday tasks are no longer concentrated solely on sourcing candidates but also on creating content to attract them.

Just like most business activities that take place online, career pages are continually evolving too. The design and user experience can have a major impact on your company’s brand, switching interested visitors into valuable candidates.

So, let’s delve into everything you need to know about career websites!


What Makes a Great Career Website?

When it comes to creating a career website it can be tricky to know what is possible, what is considered to be good and how can that be achieved?


  • Design Matters

Whether it’s professional photography showcasing the atmosphere from the office, an attractive font, or a well put together video of the team, the design and layout of your website matters especially if you’re hoping for candidates to apply for vacancies.

Incorporating these key features coupled with rich and detailed website text can show potential candidates what your company culture is like, how their role will fit into their current work life balance and what is expected of them.

  • Customisation

In addition to taking care of the layout and all the visuals displayed at the website, it’s equally important to make sure that your branded content is represented correctly. From your logo to your company’s colors, typography and the illustrations, ensuring your website is completely customised is vital if you want to make your company stand out from the crowd.

  • Keep Your Content Up-to-date

By keeping your application forms and general company information up-to-date allows future prospects to apply quickly and easily. By the same token it’s equally important to consistently upload company blogs and news articles. Not only will this give your SEO a possible much needed boost with the use of keywords and meta descriptions but it will likewise provide visitors with key snippets of information that could be a deciding factor when applying.

  • Create Separate Pages for Different Departments

Separate pages for different departments can be equally valuable when attracting the right candidates. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to scroll through possibly thousands of job roles to find the correct department, so introducing filters or specific search terms can be a great way to improve the UX of your website and help candidates find the right vacancy, whilst also highlighting important aspects of the role in different ways.

  • Mobile Optimisation

Did you know that 90% of job seekers now use their smartphones or mobile devices to search for new job opportunities? With this in mind, it’s essential your ATS system is fully mobile optimised and with the help of our expert programmers we can do just that!

Without a mobile optimised website, you could be losing out on thousands of potential job applicants and could even damage your company’s brand.


So, if you are looking for an end-to-end recruitment solution, an ATS system or just a careers website we’ve got you covered! Our Cloud-based recruitment solutions allow you to create the perfect recruitment platform with user-friendly features and a fully secure network.

Want to find out if we can help you with your recruitment concerns? Get in touch! We will be more than happy to have a chat with you.


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