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The Rise Of Paid Social Media Advertising 


As healthcare recruitment agencies and specialists compete for the best talent in the market, it’s becoming increasingly challenging for care employers and recruiters to attract candidates using traditional methods. The rise of social media platforms in talent acquisition such as Facebook and LinkedIn has pathed a new way for recruitment teams to source quality health and social care professionals.


In fact, 45% of candidates searching for jobs via Facebook drop off when the application process is taken away from Facebook and similarly another 45% say that they use their mobile device to specifically search for jobs on social media at least once a day.


Facebook and LinkedIn have hundreds of benefits to offer if healthcare recruiters are willing to use their targeted and detailed paid advertising services. Today, practically every candidate or skilled professional you consider for a job role is on social media and with Facebook averaging around 2.9 billion users, it’s crucial recruiters take advantage of this unique opportunity. 


Social networking platforms offer increased visibility and serve as incredible resources for identifying and recruiting the best prospects. What’s more, data is beginning to show that companies get higher quality candidates whenever they recruit via social networking sites compared to more traditional methods. Tech-savvy individuals will use social media to seek to best job roles and vacancies in the sector and so understand how to make the most out of these platforms, which is fundamental if they want to land a job in today’s marketplace.


Social recruiting is also effective, not just in finding the ideal candidate, but also in increasing the visibility of an organisation’s brand. Candidates’ perception of such a brand can be strongly influenced by their social media presence. Therefore, establishing a robust social media presence can not only entice good employees but also build trust among potential customers as well as make it a coveted place to work.


Social media platforms make it easy and fast to communicate with candidates, but it also allows them to respond faster and fill urgent job vacancies speedily. Recruiting in a talent pool that has people who share common values, interests and work styles with the hiring manager or company often accelerates the speed with which you will find the ideal person for the job. 


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