How Will The Onboarding Process Change In The Next 10 Years

How Will The Onboarding Process Change In The Next 10 Years


2021 has continued to present unprecedented circumstances for all industries across the UK, however, with pressures still looming over the healthcare sector it’s important organisations safeguard care recruiter’s future if they want to stay successful. 

Many organisations found it vital to adapt the process of bringing new people into the workforce. Business leaders and HR professionals have learned to partially shift their usual workplace dynamic or in some cases, change entire team dynamics for those who may have spent their entire time with the organisation working in a remote capacity.

HR teams have to create a welcoming and friendly onboarding experience for new starters in a virtual setting. Care recruiters have to figure out how best to embrace the new remote format, foster strong working relationships and ensure high levels of employee engagement are maintained while onboarding employees through a mix of virtual and in-person inductions.


One of the main shifts we’re expected to see is the adoption of technology, new technologies are one of the key ways that workplaces can make the most of their onboarding process. Developments are moving in line with the demand to improve the employee experience, such as improved virtual meeting platforms with more intuitive screen-sharing technologies.

It’s expected that technology will be used to support remote interaction for organisations and act as one of the most effective ways to bridge the gap between remote and face-to-face working.


Along with the adoption of technology HR professionals will have to be open-minded for the potential culture shock new remote employees may experience as they are introduced to a workplace setting. Keeping open regular lines of communication, as well as laying out clear induction plans and introducing virtual social functions to help make the transition from remote to a workplace environment as seamless and welcoming as possible for care workers.


Video interviewing tools coupled with Cloud-based HR systems is set to be one of the biggest changes, ensuring that lines of communications between hiring teams and prospective employees remain fast and efficient. Increased visibility over employee availability allows for teams to be in the office at the same time which will be invaluable in making the onboarding process more candidate-friendly with reduced wait times and increased team interaction.

Another change HR managers will have to consider is building an employee-centric workplace, adopting recruitment systems will allow a greater overview of your employee’s individual needs. This permits care workers and leaders to collaborate in building opportunities and find out about their preferences and domestic circumstances will be vital to building a flexible hybrid model of working that works around your people and your business.


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