A degree is just the first step on a long road for most graduates. They have all had that picture in their minds of landing their dream job in the field they feel passionate about. For many that picture will never become real and they are forced to settle for a non-professional role or a career in another field, still hoping that “something will come up”.

It has been widely reported that less than half of UK graduates continue into a career in their chosen field after leaving university. Many are settling for jobs they are over-qualified for. This, in turn, puts a strain on the jobs market for the unqualified worker; how are they supposed to compete? Should universities be doing more to help their alumni once they are ready to leave the hallowed halls and enter the world of work?

There are careers advisors in every university, but this is not enough. Graduates I have spoken to have reported not knowing where the Careers Office was located on the campus, with some even ignorant of its existence. They then leave the comfort of university to face the cold harsh reality of being without a job, saddled with crushing debt and competing with hundreds of others with the same qualification.

If the institution built a proper careers website for its students and graduates with the offer of mentoring and support, along with the very latest jobs on offer for each discipline, it would go a long way in helping graduates forge their career.

There are other knock-on effects to consider too: firstly, the amount of support a graduate can expect at the end of their course might be a deciding factor for which institution they opt for in the first place.

Secondly, by creating partnerships with local businesses in their area the university is creating a great deal of goodwill and making a positive difference to their communities and local economy.

Thirdly, you might wonder about the cost of such a venture; if you charge companies to advertise on the site you are creating a solid source of revenue for the university, meaning the site will pay for itself and then some. Companies will want to be advertised on your site and will be ready to pay for the privilege if they know they are getting access to the pool of talent you are nurturing.

All of these factors add up to the university creating and building a recognisable brand and reputation for the sort of aftercare that will make a difference to how you are viewed. Every institution competes for the best students from around the country, by building a brand you can help ensure it is your name that comes to mind for high school students deciding where to apply, and a place at your university that they strive for.

A shining example of the work we have done helping universities build bridges in their local area can be found in the Unlocking Potential initiative run by the University of Cornwall. Among the services they offer to start ups, established SMEs and entrepreneurs in the Cornwall and Southwest region are:

  • Business start-up support
  • Business development
  • Networking events
  • Mentoring

They then reached out to us and asked we build for them a dedicated jobs board to add an extra dimension to their project. It has worked immensely well for them.

Recruitive makes use of the latest technology to produce award-winning recruitment software that drives all our websites. Every site we build is secure, quick, responsive, attractive and easily navigable, with GDPR compliance built in from the ground up. Every site is compatible across all devices and makes it easy to upload CVs, documents and video if required. We design and build it to your specification so it will have everything you need going forward. We also create a space where employers will be proud to advertise their business.

The education standards of the modern British university mean that each year we are producing thousands of talented graduates with so much to offer companies looking to grow their business. People with fresh ideas, drive and ambition; people who can become valuable team members given the chance and really make a difference. By setting up their own in-house recruitment service, universities can connect them with forward-thinking employers and give them that chance.


Recruitive have implemented a number of jobs board and careers website solutions for Universities in the UK. We understand the functionality required and we also understand the procurement processes of UK Universities.



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