Recruitment Stakeholders

Who are the key stakeholders in the process?  Below are the three key stakeholders in the process and how they impact the end to end recruitment process.

Candidates: Gone are the days where we would advertise a role, receive hundreds of applicants and take our pick of the very best talent.  Unemployment is at an all time low, from 11% in the 80’s now down to 4%.  What this means to the recruitment world is simply a war on talent. There are more jobs available than there is talent. This means candidates have a choice of where they want to work and the recruitment experience is the first impression they get of a potential employer. Therefore making that experience interesting, efficient and engaging is key to securing the right talent for any business.

Hiring Manager: Hiring Managers, are not always just the person the new employee will report directly too but can be anyone involved with the hiring process from an interviewing or approvals perspective including Senior Management, HR or Finance.  Hiring managers have day jobs to do as well as having to recruit new staff. When they are dealing with recruitment whether they do it themselves or they work alongside an in house recruitment team their whole experience of recruitment has to be quick (hiring managers always want talent yesterday, easy (recruitment is just part of their job not what they do day in day out) and efficient (time is always of the essence when recruiting, hiring managers need to spend optimal time recruiting.

Recruitment Team: The recruitment team often have to juggle multiple roles, multiple candidates and multiple Hiring Managers.  Their work can grow in to a complex web of roles, advertising, interviews and communications. The recruiter is often ‘the glue’ that keeps the whole process together, communicating with all other stakeholders when they can perhaps not engage directly.  Recruiters are skilled individuals, they cannot simply be administrators, and they need to really understand the organisation, the role, hiring managers and candidates in order to place the right candidates in the right roles.

For more information on how these stakeholders are involved at different stages of the recruitment process please read our In House Recruiter Toolkit article.

Our applicant tracking software is designed to keep all stakeholders involved in the recruitment process from an initial application on your careers website, through the interview process and through on-boarding.

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