Flexible working

Flexible working is the main concern for candidates in 2020 with more and more employers offering the initiative year on year but what are the benefits?

The work-life balance

It’s outdated to think the 9-5 life can work for everyone. It’s just not physically possible. Although work is an integral part of our life there’s also a lot of other commitments that must fit around it, family being one of them.

By offering your employees flexible working you allow them to have a better balance between work and the things that mean the most to them which not only benefits your employees but also your business.

Improve work ethic 

Flexible working creates a better working community. Staff will feel less stressed because they aren’t having to juggle meeting the requirements of their job as well as dealing with issues outside of work. This intern will create a happier working environment.

However, it’s understandable why recruiters become cautious. Surely staff members will not be creating the same amount of work? but in fact, this movement can make staff work harder according to a 2019 study by Pow Wow Now, 79% of those surveyed believe working flexibly would make them more productive.

It’s also overlooked that the relationship between an employee and an employer should be equal. Staff like to be appreciated and cared for and by offering this incentive it will make your staff more willing to give back when the company is in need.

It also allows your staff to become more proactive in their job role by making them work more independently and gain key time management skills on their own without the need to consult. 

In a digital age 

The best thing is that it’s now easier than ever before to offer this benefit.

Living in a digital age means an employee can produce work on their phone, tablet or laptop without the need to be present in the office making it easier for employees to work remotely. 

So, not only does your employee get to benefit from the programme their work isn’t jeopardised because of it.

Makes you a more attractive employer 

Onboarding is time consuming, costly and competitive. However, by offering your staff members flexibility, it makes your company a more attractive place to work and can help increase your chances of finding the perfect candidate for the job.

A new survey revealed that out of the 800 people aged 18-65 who participated said flexible working is the main concern for them in the new year.

The survey was conducted by Redwigwam a recruitment agency who matches workers with jobs based on their flexibility.

It clearly shows its significance in people’s lives for 2020 as one in two employees said they valued the benefit much higher than holiday benefits, job security, commute time and salary.

Lorna Davidson, founder and CEO of Redwigwam said: “We’re standing at the start of a brand-new decade and recruiters have got to understand that the workforce is ever-changing, and people need to be able to work around their lives.

“The days of a strict 9-5 will soon be a thing of the past. 

“Businesses not prepared to offer flexible working are in danger of making their employees not feel valued and with the feeling that their working pattern does not fit their lifestyle.”

Keep up to date

A company needs to be keeping up to date with not only their industry to stay relevant but also with the needs of their employees. 

Mental health was one of the main issues at the forefront of 2019. According to the mental health charity Mind, approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.

Businesses are already recognising the need to adapt with entertainment giant ITV launching their Britain Get Talking campaign.

It’s important that your business also acknowledges these issues and offering benefits like flexible working is a great place to start.

Although 75% of businesses surveyed said they offer staff flexible working options, there is still a quarter surveyed who do not. Those who decide to be in that quarter risk being left behind.

And rightly you may still think that introducing this scheme could be bad for business despite the list of benefits but it’s important to remember it isn’t a one shoe fits all scenario. 

You can tailor it in a way that works best for everyone, to not only cater to your employees’ needs but to your business needs too.

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